March 09, 2012

The CopyCat

Lidia has (and hopefully always will be) a mommas girl. Huge mommas girl.
I thought that she had gotten better about it in the past year, but the things that come out of her mouth prove otherwise. She is my little copycat, mini-me, follows me almost everywhere I go, does almost everything I do... type of little girl. This could definitely be a good thing, yes...But it has also proven to be a bad thing lately.

A few examples of things she's said lately...
*Stop it Bailey! (our dog)  Shut up Bailey!
{hanging head in shame}

* Mommy you sad? You say knock it off to me? Knock it off Sissy!! You go in timeout!
{I dont want her to ever think I'm sad, and I should probably stop saying knock it off so much, jeeeez!}

* Dont freak out, ok???
{Ok then!}

Before I tell you my last example, I want to first let everyone know that I don't even know when or where I would have said this, or if I even did. But she learned it somewhere and Matt says shes my copycat and he blames me.... :)

* Soooooooooo, Lidia and Carly were fighting. Like BAD. Hitting, pushing, kicking, etc. I was in the other room and walked in to stop it and then I heard it. Lidia SCREAMED, "I HATE YOU SISSY!" My heart stopped. I don't know if she even knows what that means, but I never want her to "hate" her sister or anyone for that matter. We definitely changed our ways of talking after that. We HAVE to be more careful around the copycat!

BUT with the bad, always comes good though right? While she copys some of the stuff I'm not so proud of saying, she also copys the good too. And that... melts my heart!

* You're my best friend. Ever. Ever. Mommy. You make me happy face. I love you soooo much!
* You're so beautiful. You look so pretty. I like your pretty hair!
* You came back! I wanna go home and snuggle at my house!
* Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle YEAH! I work out!
* and the best one yet?! "Everyday
I'm shuffling!"

and she doesn't just copy me, she copies Dora too! This is her and her sissy doing a dance/song from a Dora show yesterday....

I don't know the words exactly, but it goes a little something like this...
Touch your hands....

Touch your toes.
Tickle the sky!!!!

I kinda like those copycats :)


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

OMG they are so stinkin cute! Copycat and all :)

Shawna said...


Mama Tully said...

You are so lucky that you have a momma's girl. Both of mine are Daddy's girls and honestly, I'm super jealous.
Sounds like she is such a character! I love hearing the things I say come out of my kids mouth's, it's too funny (most of the time)!

Brhea {NoPlaceLykeHome} said...

They are adorable! My niece addie, said "Oh shit" when she would bump into or drop things! It took us months to get her to stop saying it :)