March 07, 2012

Sometimes life just gets in the way...

of everything!
I've been busy with work meetings, kids being sick, babies being born, and a new business adventure.
So my little bloggy has been neglected.
Please forgive me.
So onto some randomness of what's been going on in our lives lately....

Carly got her tubes put in exactly one week ago, and since then shes been extremely sick.
103-104 fevers, throwing up, red/sore throat, AND... all this led to a staff infection.
She has little pimple looking sores all over her sweet little body.
The doctor called her a hot mess... and I concur.
Here are the pictures I never showed from her surgery a week ago.
She was a pretty cute patient though, I must say!

Carly's sickness has affected her sleeping habits in an awful way.
It seems like all of us haven't slept in a week.
Which may or may not be true.
Here's why:
- BOTH girls are fighting sleep like crazy these days.
- We had to sleep at my parents one night because of plumbing issues.

So yesterday, when neither would nap, and a plumber was at our house pounding away like a mad man...
We decided to enjoy the weather with a little park action, and some good old Dairy Queen.
The girls were asleep by 8 and 9pm.

Speaking of enjoying this AWESOME weather, playing outside, at the park, riding bikes, and eating DQ....
Yeah, I'd have to say the girls have been having fun with the amazing weather :)

My bestie having her baby has kept me pretty busy too!
She was scheduled for a C-section this Monday at 8:30am.
I was in charge of watching her son in the morning, and taking big brother up to the hospital before she went into surgery.
Of course, the doctors were running late and little Miss Emery didn't make her appearance until 11:28am, but when she arrived she was perfect.
I love that sweet baby so much.
Love her parents too :)

And one last random note,
We found out how to get our picky eater, Lidia, to eat.
...Let her help us make the food!
She LOVES it.
She helped me make "noodles" the other night, and afterwards she ate it.
This is HUGE people. Huge.
She hasn't had noodles since she was a year old.
Another win.

I hope everyone is having a great week!
Check back tomorrow for an awesome guest post!


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

poor sweet things! I feel so bad for her!!

Megan said...

Great pictures as always! Poor C :( Glad the girls are maybe sleeping better after all the chaos! Adorable little new baby :) What is this business adventure you speak of??? Also I dropped my iphone in the toilet last Thursday while drinking, lost all contacts. I got a new one but lost your number TEXT ME woman!!!!

Shawna said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!