March 26, 2012

Weekend Randoms // + GREEN Photo Challenge

~We are going on vacation in less than a week!
We're packing up and heading to Arizona to see the husband's family for a few days!
My mother in law is so excited for us to enjoy the Arizona weather, but hello!!!
We basically have that weather here... in Iowa... in MARCH!
But we don't have the pools.
So I guess she wins :)
Anyway, we spent most of the weekend outside, of course.

~ The Husband tore down the hideous, old, sick, gross shrubs in our front yard on Saturday.
(He asked for these pics, not me. He wants to be the "star" of the blog :)

~We went and looked at "flowers" according to the girls.
Really, we just went to The Home Depot and a local gardening store.
They had a blast though!

~Carly made us laugh... alot.
As usual.

~The husband came home with a gift certificate for my new running shoes!
So Lidia and I had a date at the mall where she proceeded to say,
 "I NEED to ride that beautiful train Mommy"

So she did just that...

...and in the middle of the store, Lidia spotted something....
"Look at that gorgeous dress! That's MY dress mommy! Thank you so much for getting me that dress!"
Then she proceeded to do this... in the middle of the she could put on the dress she wanted....


~The girls are obssessed with playing "baby" and they take turns being the baby and the mommy.
I just love watching them actually play together!

~ Carly went to the grocery store with me.
I usually try to avoid going places like that with her because she NEVER SITS STILL.
Duty called :)
We found this glorious cart that made our shopping trip pretty awesome.

 ~ and finally...
I decided to link up with The Paper Mama for one of her Photo Challenges for the first time.
This weeks' photo challenge is GREEN.
Most of the pictures in this post have green in them, but I decided to choose this picture.
I just LOVE IT.
And the crazy part?
It's not even from my DSLR camera.
Shhhh :)

(Also, she may or may not have gotten stuck in those plants.
And it may or may not have been one of the cutest/funniest things I've seen!)


Kay said...

I just literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw that she started undressing in the middle of the store.. oh my goodness! Girlfriend's got sass!

Anonymous said...

Hi Britt,

It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping over at my blog! :) I was going to come over to yours and ask where you are from, but I see from this post you are in IA. How long have you been a Thirty-One Consultant? Will you be going to Conference this year?

Your girls are SO cute!!!!