April 24, 2012


Sometimes as a parent, you lose a battle... or two... or three...

You look in the backseat while driving because your children are quiet.... only to find that the youngest has colored all over her legs. OH!....and she unbuckled her seatbelt too.
You have several sleepless nights... even when they aren't babies anymore.
Your child rides home in the car naked... just because...  Or maybe it's because she didn't have that smile on her face a few minute prior when I tried to get her dress on... yeah. that.
Your children pour ice cold water over your families' feet for a good half hour, because it diverted their attention from their "non sharing with my sister" crying ways....

Your 21 month old refuses to listen AND has more sass than you can handle. At all hours of the day.
But just when you feel like you are on the losing end.
You've just about thrown your hands up and decided to lose the battle entirely...
(or for the day at least :)
Your children remind you what life is all about.
Time and time again.

They melt your heart when they can't get enough of snuggling babies.

They enjoy the simplesness of life like: swinging, singing, and smiling.

They are intrigued with watching someone mow their lawn.

They love to make you laugh.
They look so cute dressed alike. And when they actually play nicely together.

The snuggles? Ohhhh the snuggles make your heart melt. The relaxing time? Makes everything all better.
They "shake it baby!" and sing and dance for all your neighbors to see. You aren't embarrassed one bit. Just proud of how cute they are and how much their "awesome dance moves" resemble yours :)

They love you more than anything. They ask for hugs. And kisses. And snuggles. And tell you that you are their best friend.
They are your world. Period. End of Story.

April 23, 2012


... with the new pictures of my babes!

April 20, 2012

L&C's life this week + Sponsors

It seems like I haven't picked up my camera in over a week. Actually it's been since Easter.... shame on me. So Instagram photos will have to work to show off our week... kapeesh?

Sooo... I jumped on the ELF (eyes, lips, face) bandwagon. I ordered probably 15ish cosmetic items for less than 30 bucks! SCORE. My ELF package came yesterday and it included this awesome nailpolish, so of course Lidia and I painted our nails to match each other last night!
(yes, I have tiny hands. yes, my pinky is crooked, and yes my wedding ring is STILL missing)

Lidia enjoyed her dance class this, as always. Miss Cara is her "best friend" and only Miss Cara can help Lidia with tricks at class. Can you tell I hear about Miss Cara alot? Oh, and Miss Abby from daycare. No, I'm not jealous... nope. :) But, dance class is coming to an end in about a month and I have to decide what to do with her regarding dance for this summer/next year. She will be 3 in July, so this summer she could join the pre-school ballet/tap class, but I'm not sure she's ready for it. It took her awhile to warm up to this class and sometimes she still has rough days, so I'm really torn on what to do. The pre-school dance class is not a mommy and me class so maybe she would do better if I wasn't in the room with her? Plus if she sticks with the tumbling or mommy and me, Miss Cara won't be her teacher so she would kind of have to start over with that class too. So maybe go ahead and advance her to pre-school?!? I don't know! Decisions, Decisions.....

The girls of course still fight everyday.
Sometimes (alot of times) it wears on my patience.
But this week they've been pretty cute together too.
Playing baby together.
Looking at the rain.
... and taking nightly walks/bike rides around our neighborhood.

We also celebrated Aunt Bubba's birthday this week. The girls LOVE singing Happy Birthday, helping blow out candles, and opening other peoples' presents. Basically stealing that persons' thunder for the day. Good thing they are cute, huh?

We hung out with Baby Emery on Monday. She is the sweetest baby ever. The girls' are OBSESSED with "baby Emery and baby Josie" my two best friends' baby girls. When they play babies, the dolls names are always either Emery or Josie. It's the cutest.

... and as always, I took pictures of them sleeping.
Because they are peaceful, so sweet, not fighting, not crying, not hitting, or throwing things.
Basically my only quiet moment throughout the day is when they are sleeping.
And of course, I have to sneak in for just one more look at them :)

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April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday // A Soccer game + Sister Snuggles

and baby pouts, because yeah... that's typical :)

April 16, 2012

Mommy/Lidia/Carly date

On Friday, the girls and I had a mommy/daughter date. It isn't unusual for us to go somewhere, have a playdate with our friends, hang out with Grandma Lulu, go to the park, etc on Mondays and Fridays.
But this Friday was special.
It was just us three girls.
So we got up in the morning and started our adventure. Lidia sat in her carseat reading her "bible book." In all reality, it's one of my Lauren Conrad books aka my guilty pleasure. But, she makes up her own stories and reads them aloud...  "And then David fighted Goliath, and he fell down! Oh no!"
So yes, Lidia read while Carly hit us both with her carrot golf club.
I told you she was a typical boy, right??

Then we proceeded to hit up a little church consignment sale.
It was pure gloriousness.
The girls rummaged and played with the toys, while I looked through clothes.
It was a win/win.
And we ended up with around 20-30 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, and a new baby doll set for 70 bucks.
Then we went to the mall.
The ever-so-famous book,  Bloom by Kelle Hampton was my mission that day...so we headed straight to Barnes and Noble. Our Barnes and Noble has a little kid area where you can read books and play with a Thomas the Train trainset, so we ended up there first.

Then on the way out, I picked up my Bloom book AND I saw Lauren Conrad came out with another book I didn't have yet... so I got that book too! Double Win.
On the way out of Barnes and Noble, Carly decided she didn't want to ride in the stroller.
She also decided she did not want to walk.
Or have me carry her.
She wanted to sit in the middle of the mall, and pout...Like so...
That was fun...

After I wrangled up a non-shoe wearing, "I DONT WANT TO!" saying, fit throwing almost 2-year-old... We went to the food court and had lunch.

The girls were both so good during lunch, that I almost forgot about Carly's little tantrum earlier. So I decided they needed to have some more fun.


We went down the elevator. (they think it's a ride every time yelling, "WEEEE! HAA!"

We threw pennies in the "mawafall" (waterfall)

.... and we went to the playplace.

Wanna hear a funny story?
Of course you do.
Lidia found a "best friend" at the place place that day.
This "best friend" was a 7-8 year old little girl.
Did this little girl know that Lidia was her best friend?
Did this little girl know that Lidia even existed?

So here's what happened...
Lidia saw this girl on the slide when we first got there.
Then she yelled, "Mommy! Look! It's my BESTEST FRIEND EVER!"
Then proceeded to follow this little girl around.
She followed her from slide to slide, to toy to toy with the biggest grin on her face.
The little girl had no clue Lidia was behind her the whole time.
Lidia would turn around to do something for 5 seconds and the girl would be gone.
Lidia would then loo karound to find where her "best friend" was, and when she finally found her, she would say...
"There you are! You hiding from Lidia! Look mommy it's my best friend"
and the whole debacle would start all over again.

I could not stop laughing.
She was so cute following this girl around and getting so excited, but it was kind of sad that she was technically never playing with this girl at all :) Oh well... such is life.

Anyway, after the playplace we got an Icee.
This is what happened to Carly's Icee.

So after an eventful day/morning, and since it was wayyy past two little girls' naptimes... we headed home.
No we didn't.
We went to the store after that.
We DID have a busy day.
I picked up stuff to make a dip and a dessert for a BBQ we went to that night.

Anyway, after I got the girls home, got my food put away, and my food made, etc....
I kicked my feet up and started in on my book on the couch, while Lidia slept next to me and Carly was in her room taking a nap.

It was pure heaven!
Until my husband came home ten minutes after I sat down...