April 13, 2012

Arizona Vacation Part Two + Instagram Dump

Vacation Part Two Instagram Dump!
Did you know that everyone in Arizona rides around in golf carts?? Yeah, me either...But it was fun!
And that's how we spent most of our vacation. Swimming and taking rides in the golf cart.
The girls were in heaven!

But what were the adults most excited for during the trip??? Our mini "vacation within a vacation" to Vegas!
Las Vegas was only a few hours from where we were, so we packed up on Monday morning, tearfully said goodbye to the babes (ok fine I was the only one that was sad ha!), and headed to Sin City!! Grandma "KiKi" and Grandpa "Rock" stayed with the girls for the day and Matt, his two brothers, my soon to be sister-in-law, and I went to have some fun!

We were only in Vegas for less than 24 hours but we spent the time gambling, dancing, hotel hopping, and (against my husband's wishes)  I saw a "psychic"! Also, the hubbs worked his "salesman powers" and upgraded us to a 2-bedroom, jacuzzi tub suite at the Harrah! He was pretty proud of himself, and I was too :) It was definitely a great time and nice to get away for the day! The next morning, we packed up, ate at In n Out Burger, (because we don't have those in Iowa) drove through the Hoover Dam, and headed back to see the babes!

We got to Kiki's house and Lidia said,
"You not leave me ever again, ok Mommy?"
Yes Lidia, I felt the same way!

Anyway, here's an Instagram/IPhone dump of the rest of the pictures from our vacation!
Life Lately Instagram Dump!
1. Bella and Carly at the doctor (a whole different post to come about Carly and her poor ears lately)
2. Chillin' with Baby Josie and Baby Emery! My best friends baby girls born only 2 months from each other!
3. Bathtime with Bella
4 & 6. Shaving cream fun!
5. Zoo date with Grandma Lulu and Grandpa
7. Family feet
8. Holding hands and melting my heart
9. Bubbles
Lidia Lately Instagram Dump!
I'm not sure why, but lately I have a ton of pictures of Lidia on my phone. Maybe because she's more photogenic and hams it up for the camera while Carly runs from me??? Yep, that's it. :)

1. Swimming in Arizona with Mommy
2. Walking on the balance beam at dance/tumbling class with Miss Cara
3. Easter dress
4. Lidia and Mommy = BFF!
5. More swimming
6. Superhero LIDIA to the rescue!!! ...and yes, she says that all the time.
7. More dance class
8. Playing soccer in our Sunday best... but of course...
9. Somersault!!!


Shawna said...

adorable pics!

So did you like vegas? We're trying to plan a vacation later this summer when my parents are keeping the kiddos and we've been discussing vegas. I'm not sure whether we could entertain ourselves there for 5 whole days though....

Erin said...

You've got busy busy lil girls! Gymnastics, swimming, dance! You go, mom! Cute pics as always. Hope her ears are okay-- I had TONS of ear problems as a lil one, not fun!! :(

Joeylee said...

how fun, looks like you guys had a great trip. cute pictures.

Olivia said...

Beautifil family, a very busy mum ;-)