April 14, 2012

The husband's salesman skills are rubbing off on me....

I promise I won't do this every month.
Ok, I'm no good with promises, ask the husband!
ANYWAY, this was too awesome of a deal to pass up telling all my bloggy friends/family/etc, so I'm going to share. Sooo, as you all {should} know by now, I recently became a ThirtyOne Consultant. This month we are having an AMAZING special and I'm so excited to share it with you...

That's right!
If you spend only $31.00 dollars, you can get any purse for 1/2 off!
I'll give you a few examples:

The Organizing Shoulder Bag is my favorite! I wear it everyday... and I'm not kidding!
I love how I can slip it over my shoulders and go.
Especially with two toddlers, it's perfect for my lifestyle!
My husband got me a Coach purse, and I still wear this purse more! Sorry hubbs...

(Normally: $42.00... This month: $21.00!!)
This Retro Metro Bag would make for a great purse, tote, or diaper bag!
Normally $52.00... This month only $26.00!!
And if you want to spoil yourself (and you should!) check out the 5th Avenue purse. Our best, most expensive purse is usually $125.00, but this month you can get it for only 62.50!!! Are you kidding me?!? That's an AMAZING deal you should not pass up!

I will be holding an online party open all month long just for this awesome April special. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please email me at bmfritz@yahoo.com and let me know!

And because I can't go one post without showing off my world, my life, my everything in toddler form, here are the babes....


Courtney B said...

How CUTE are these?? Love 'em!
And baby girl is precious!

Erin said...

Such pretty babies!! ;) I would totally order something if I hadn't JUST went to my cousin's 31 party she hosted lol