April 20, 2012

L&C's life this week + Sponsors

It seems like I haven't picked up my camera in over a week. Actually it's been since Easter.... shame on me. So Instagram photos will have to work to show off our week... kapeesh?

Sooo... I jumped on the ELF (eyes, lips, face) bandwagon. I ordered probably 15ish cosmetic items for less than 30 bucks! SCORE. My ELF package came yesterday and it included this awesome nailpolish, so of course Lidia and I painted our nails to match each other last night!
(yes, I have tiny hands. yes, my pinky is crooked, and yes my wedding ring is STILL missing)

Lidia enjoyed her dance class this, as always. Miss Cara is her "best friend" and only Miss Cara can help Lidia with tricks at class. Can you tell I hear about Miss Cara alot? Oh, and Miss Abby from daycare. No, I'm not jealous... nope. :) But, dance class is coming to an end in about a month and I have to decide what to do with her regarding dance for this summer/next year. She will be 3 in July, so this summer she could join the pre-school ballet/tap class, but I'm not sure she's ready for it. It took her awhile to warm up to this class and sometimes she still has rough days, so I'm really torn on what to do. The pre-school dance class is not a mommy and me class so maybe she would do better if I wasn't in the room with her? Plus if she sticks with the tumbling or mommy and me, Miss Cara won't be her teacher so she would kind of have to start over with that class too. So maybe go ahead and advance her to pre-school?!? I don't know! Decisions, Decisions.....

The girls of course still fight everyday.
Sometimes (alot of times) it wears on my patience.
But this week they've been pretty cute together too.
Playing baby together.
Looking at the rain.
... and taking nightly walks/bike rides around our neighborhood.

We also celebrated Aunt Bubba's birthday this week. The girls LOVE singing Happy Birthday, helping blow out candles, and opening other peoples' presents. Basically stealing that persons' thunder for the day. Good thing they are cute, huh?

We hung out with Baby Emery on Monday. She is the sweetest baby ever. The girls' are OBSESSED with "baby Emery and baby Josie" my two best friends' baby girls. When they play babies, the dolls names are always either Emery or Josie. It's the cutest.

... and as always, I took pictures of them sleeping.
Because they are peaceful, so sweet, not fighting, not crying, not hitting, or throwing things.
Basically my only quiet moment throughout the day is when they are sleeping.
And of course, I have to sneak in for just one more look at them :)

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Allie said...

OMG stop it with the matching polish! And the girls in dance class, dying over the cuteness!

The pics of them snuggling melt my soul in the post before this! I just want to hug them, as do my boys haha!

Hope all is well mama! Xoxo