April 16, 2012

Mommy/Lidia/Carly date

On Friday, the girls and I had a mommy/daughter date. It isn't unusual for us to go somewhere, have a playdate with our friends, hang out with Grandma Lulu, go to the park, etc on Mondays and Fridays.
But this Friday was special.
It was just us three girls.
So we got up in the morning and started our adventure. Lidia sat in her carseat reading her "bible book." In all reality, it's one of my Lauren Conrad books aka my guilty pleasure. But, she makes up her own stories and reads them aloud...  "And then David fighted Goliath, and he fell down! Oh no!"
So yes, Lidia read while Carly hit us both with her carrot golf club.
I told you she was a typical boy, right??

Then we proceeded to hit up a little church consignment sale.
It was pure gloriousness.
The girls rummaged and played with the toys, while I looked through clothes.
It was a win/win.
And we ended up with around 20-30 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, and a new baby doll set for 70 bucks.
Then we went to the mall.
The ever-so-famous book,  Bloom by Kelle Hampton was my mission that day...so we headed straight to Barnes and Noble. Our Barnes and Noble has a little kid area where you can read books and play with a Thomas the Train trainset, so we ended up there first.

Then on the way out, I picked up my Bloom book AND I saw Lauren Conrad came out with another book I didn't have yet... so I got that book too! Double Win.
On the way out of Barnes and Noble, Carly decided she didn't want to ride in the stroller.
She also decided she did not want to walk.
Or have me carry her.
She wanted to sit in the middle of the mall, and pout...Like so...
That was fun...

After I wrangled up a non-shoe wearing, "I DONT WANT TO!" saying, fit throwing almost 2-year-old... We went to the food court and had lunch.

The girls were both so good during lunch, that I almost forgot about Carly's little tantrum earlier. So I decided they needed to have some more fun.


We went down the elevator. (they think it's a ride every time yelling, "WEEEE! HAA!"

We threw pennies in the "mawafall" (waterfall)

.... and we went to the playplace.

Wanna hear a funny story?
Of course you do.
Lidia found a "best friend" at the place place that day.
This "best friend" was a 7-8 year old little girl.
Did this little girl know that Lidia was her best friend?
Did this little girl know that Lidia even existed?

So here's what happened...
Lidia saw this girl on the slide when we first got there.
Then she yelled, "Mommy! Look! It's my BESTEST FRIEND EVER!"
Then proceeded to follow this little girl around.
She followed her from slide to slide, to toy to toy with the biggest grin on her face.
The little girl had no clue Lidia was behind her the whole time.
Lidia would turn around to do something for 5 seconds and the girl would be gone.
Lidia would then loo karound to find where her "best friend" was, and when she finally found her, she would say...
"There you are! You hiding from Lidia! Look mommy it's my best friend"
and the whole debacle would start all over again.

I could not stop laughing.
She was so cute following this girl around and getting so excited, but it was kind of sad that she was technically never playing with this girl at all :) Oh well... such is life.

Anyway, after the playplace we got an Icee.
This is what happened to Carly's Icee.

So after an eventful day/morning, and since it was wayyy past two little girls' naptimes... we headed home.
No we didn't.
We went to the store after that.
We DID have a busy day.
I picked up stuff to make a dip and a dessert for a BBQ we went to that night.

Anyway, after I got the girls home, got my food put away, and my food made, etc....
I kicked my feet up and started in on my book on the couch, while Lidia slept next to me and Carly was in her room taking a nap.

It was pure heaven!
Until my husband came home ten minutes after I sat down...


Shawna said...

Love the big flower headband! And great scores at the sale--was that a little orange and blue gymboree outfit I saw? :-) Cute!

Let me know how that book is---I've debated reading it or not. Wasn't sure how much "new" stuff would be in it compared to her blog.

Erin said...

Dang woman! Looks like you cleaned up at the church consignment sale!!! :) Everything looks so cute!

Sounds like an adventurous, but fun day for sure!!

Joeylee said...

what a funny mommmy/daughter date. What a good steal on all those clothes! I am LOVING Kelle's book. I've made it half way through and haven't been able to read more cause its kinda been crazy our neck of the woods these days. have a good week mama!