May 09, 2012

Carly & the "ear droppinins"

Where do I begin with Miss Carly and her ears??
Welllll... her and Lidia both had two sets of tubes put in their ears.
Carly recently had her second set of tubes put in around February, I believe?
Anyway, since the tubes were put in, she's had at least two more infections.
The last one being right before we flew down to Arizona... which was over a month ago.
Before we left, we got her on an antibiotic to make sure she wasn't miserable on vacation or while flying.

Fast forward to the flight.
Terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad flight(s).
She was awful. Both there and back.
And we figured out why as soon as we got home.

Her ears started bleeding.

And they have been bleeding ever since.
I mentioned it's been over a month since we got home from vacation, right? So yeah. That's been fun.
We've taken her to three different doctors, including the ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) TWICE.
She's been on three different oral antibiotics and three different
antibiotic ear drops.

And what is the conclusion?
The ENT says it's just an infection and needs to heal on it's own.
Nothing else more to do.
And no signs of the bleeding stopping anytime soon.

But the good news?
She has started to act like her normal self again the last few days.
She's happy, funny, and not as clingy.
(She was a momma's girl in the worst way the last few weeks)
So that's good right? Right?!
Either way, I hope she's on the mend.
I hate seeing her in pain.
I hate that she knows the words, "Ear drops and medicine" like they are candy or something.
Her and Lidia both say everyday,
"We need our ear droppininns and medicine mommy!"
I hate taking her to the doctor every other week and getting no answers.
But she's the cutest little patient ever, amen?
And don't let us fool you.
Or make you feel bad for her in anyway... :)
Being sick has some perks too!
Getting spoiled with Starbucks cake pops say what??
 Also, lunch dates with two handsome little boys fighting over her is enough to make any girl "sick" right?
 .... or one on one flirty time is always good too :)

But the best part of being sick for over a month??
Mommy snuggles.
I love her so much!


Nicole said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you're having to battle this. That's a nightmare. Tubes are supposed to make them better, not worse! Praying it gets better soon. Both my boys have the tubes and they've been amazing. No infections at all. Hoping it stays that way!

Joeylee said...

That's horrible. I hope she starts feeling better soon. I had tubes put in my ears when I was younger cause my mom said I had a lot of ear infections. That last picture is so precious!!

Kristina said...

So sorry about this! It's hard flying with a little one regardless! Hope she is better soon!

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