May 23, 2012

If you need us, we'll be here all summer...

We have found our new "go to spot" if you will.
A park.
But not just any park.
This park has two different playgrounds, a wading pool, AND a carousel.
We are in love.

So Monday, we set out to our park to have a picnic...
The girls were SO CUTE together during lunch.
Oh excuse me... during our PICNIC.
Lidia reminded me it wasn't lunch... it was a "beautiful picnic".
Sure sister, whatever will make you eat lunch... I will say it!
Anyway, the girls have been really lovey lately.
And playing together all the time.
(ahem ahem knocking on wood... ahem)

Lidia told me the other day,
"Mommy. You not my best friend. Sissy my best friend. Sorry!"
Pssh. Whatev.
Whatever floats your boat sassy pants.
And as long as you aren't fighting.

(Telling secrets)

Ramsey came too! They were "swinging" from the branches and laughing about something being "poopy."
Is poopy just a boy thing or what???

Carly played hide and seek and then she played peek a boo.
She counts to five, then says, "Eady (ready) or not, here my come! Found you!"
She's so cute!
The girls also pretended to swim. The water isn't in the wading pool quite yet,
but it still entertained them.
They loved to pretend they were swimming or that fish were biting them.
They have quite the imagination these days.
I love listening and watching them play.
They are so creative!
Then, of course, it was time for the highlight of their day. The carousel ride!
Unfortunately, the carousel ride isn't running on Mondays,
 but we still got to sit on it and pretend!

What about you?
Do you have a "go to place" this summer?
Who wants to come with us next time??? :)


Shawna said...

What a fun park! And that pool is HUGE! We have a go to park with a wading pool and it's our go-to spot, but the wading pool is like a 12 x 12 square haha. Kids still love it though!

Mandy said...

What a fabulous place to bring the girls!!! We have a similar place by us but no pools:( Girls love the carousel!

Kati McDonald said...

I wanna come!!! Girls last day of school is next Thursday and then I'm workin from home allll summer long! I might go insane so I think we should have weekly "park and picnic" days :) Which one is that?

Joeylee said...

What a cool park. We'll be there next time!! Glad to hear the girls are getting along, mine on the other hand are not. Mainly kaylee stirring up trouble!