May 25, 2012

I'm not the perfect mother...

Who watches the Bachelorette?
Yeah, yeah me too :)
After watching it on Monday night, I got to thinking...
"This GORGEOUS, nice, sweet, southern mama has it all."
(I secretly hate her:)
HUGE clean house, soccer mom, nice car, chocolate chip cookie maker,
(for the love, why can I NEVER get cookies to turn out right?!?)
and did I mention gorgeous? Yes. perfect mother...
And? She's my age! 26. That seems so crazy to me. She seems so much older.

But then I got to thinking a little more.
Sure on tv it's easy to portray that she's perfect... but thank the Lord she's probably not.
(Let's just hope not right?! She's putting me to shame if she is!)
Anyway, it reminded me of my blog.
It's easy to show our perfect weekends, and that I do everything perfect as a mom.
Duh. I AM perfect.
Ok fine I'm not.
I know. For shame!

I thought I'd give you guys a little treat today.
Mommy bloopers, if you will.
Our "not so perfect" life and my "not so perfect" decisions when it comes to my kids...
Oh. And no judgey pants coming out, you hear me?! :)

A little chocolate pudding incident.
That I may, or may not, have let go on longer than it should have...
Hence, the reason that my children are ALWAYS, and I mean ALMOST ALWAYS naked at home.

We also let our children jump from one couch to the other in the basement on a boring Saturday afternoon...

 Then letting Uncle Dane laugh at them when they faceplant into the couch :)

Papa likes to "scare" the kids by tipping over the couch. While they were on it.... of course.
These next pictures?
I debated even showing them.
My husband says they are inappropriate.
And yes. Yes they are.
But. That's what this post is all about right?
So here we go.
Carly and London... "wrestling"

And Carly if you ever see this, NO! You are never allowed to do this ever again. Ever. With any boy. You hear me?!?! :)

Another incident gone wrong.
This time with paint.
(No the paint isn't toxic. They are fine :)

Lidia found this little diddy at the mall.
In Victoria's Secret.
She thought it was a beautiful dress.
She wanted to wear it.
She told me to buy it.
I told her Papa would love that.
She said, "Yay mommy buy the beautiful dress! I love it!"

...and the kiddos climb trees. The end.


Nicole said...

All hilarious, adorable and PERFECTly normal.

Mitzi G. said...

It all looks normal & fun to me :)

Jade :) said...

i love this! i hate when some bloggers only post the best pictures where their kids look like angels, i like to see the not so perfect stuff, it's funnier! :D Thanks for sharing!

Care said...

hahha love this, i dont think emily is as perfect as she seems and remember that house was given to her by her ex-fiances fam. this looks like what goes on at our house :D

Anonymous said...

You let your kids have fun :D There is nothing wrong with that!
I laughed so hard at the chocolate pudding incident picture.. I just had a recent yogurt incident.. My son came out looking just like that! Teach me to try to get some homework done and leave him unattended with yogurt :D

Shawna said...

Love the face plant picture!!

That all looks pretty normal to me haha.

Joeylee said...

LOVE IT, this isn't being a bad mom this is a mom letting her kids have fun! Although I don't know if I would let mine go as far as you with the pudding..haha

Allie said...

Seriously can we be best friends and neighbors! Our kids would have a blast! I always "let it fly" when it comes to parenting! So much more fun to let them run around naked and makes messes, LOVE IT! Our kids would have a blast together!

Anonymous said...

These kids are so good at having fun