May 03, 2012

Instagram vs. Non-Instagram

Cheers to Instagram!
Or Suckers.
Whichever works.
No, but for real.
I love Instagram.
I think it has to do with the visual aspect of it, ya know?
A picture says a thousand words, and I'd rather see a picture than some life story on facebook, hehe.
But let's not get into that... :)

Anyyyyyway, the only problem?
Deciding which pictures to put on Instagram!
I know, I know.
First world problems right here.
But seriously, the girls have become pretty photogenic.
Well, besides the "every other 10 minutes fit being thrown"...they usually cheese it up for the camera.
And they love to see the pictures afterwards.
Its pretty cute.

We have to narrow the pictures down, so we don't get all annoying up in Instagrams face.
So for your viewing pleasure;
Here are some pictures posted on Instagram vs. the ones I couldn't just let sit in my phone for noone to see!

For those not on Instagram, the "edited" looking ones are Instagram.
The "non-editd" are... well... not on Instagram :)
Oh. and follow me if you aren't already!
Username: mrsbfritz

By the way,
Carly has never. And I mean never taken a pacifier.
Not that I'm against pacifiers, heck Lidia had one until she was two!
Carly just refused to ever take one!
But on this random day... she found one.
And thought it was the bees knees.
...and that's why the picture above is so hilarious to me.
Oh and doesn't this picture make you want to cry because it's so cute?
Just me??
Man, they melt me.

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