May 11, 2012

On being a Step-Mom

The twins were here last weekend!
We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, so when they're here, we eat it up!
All four girls had a great time... well at least I hope they did!
We spent most of the weekend outside; playing at a friends house, in our yard, and at a graduation party.

HAHA I love all their different faces here.
(Tori on the left, Bella on the right... in case you don't know :)
Last year around this time, Lidia and Bella had a hard time getting along.
I think it was mainly their age.
Neither were good at sharing and Lidia was still a "baby" in Bella's eyes.
But now?
They are best friends.
No joke.
They do everything together.
Bella tells Lidia she's her best friend at least once an hour and it's music to my ears.
I'm so glad too, because it was pretty rough going their for a year when the girls didn't get along.
And it's a breath of fresh air because they occupy each other all weekend long.
I LOVE seeing them play together.
The only downside is now Carly is sometimes left out because she is still "a baby."
And don't nobody put my baby in a corner. :)
Sometimes she brings it on herself though, being crazy and all.
But, for the most part, most of our weekends with the twins are spent with all four kiddos dancing around and geting along like this....
I haven't touched much on the subject of the twins on my blog, mainly because you never know who's reading, it's the world wide public web as we all know. But I thought I'd give a little explanation as to why we don't see the twinny twin twins (Matt's 4 year old daughters) very often....

I first want to say that Matt does have a custody agreement for the twins, and he should be seeing them every other weekend, since they live almost 2 hours away and seeing them during the week is not an option. But there's a number of reasons why they don't come as often as we'd like...the main reason is due to health problems. They were born 3 months premature and have had health issues from the get go. Most of the health problems have been Tori's, with Bella having a few of her own. Tori is in and out of the hospital, on medications, and still receieving a feeding tube occassionally. So the twins' mom will determine whether or not they are well enough to come for a weekend and a lot of the weekends, she decides to keep them home depending on the circumstance. It is sad that they aren't with us very often, but someday it will level out and we will get those pretty little divas on the regular! I just love them so much. They are so sweet. So beautiful. So fun. And hilarious too.

A few things that Bella has said that make this "stepmom job" so fun are:
Me: Bella did you know that I'm your step-mom??
Bella: No you silly goose! You're a CUTE MOM!"

Bella: "Bert, (they call me Bert haha!) I wish you were my mommy, you are so nice and I love you."
Me: (holding back tears) "Oh Bella boo! I AM your mommy. I'm your step-mommy! You have a mommy and her and I both love you so much!"
Bella: "Whatever."

As much as I love the twins, these two have stolen my heart.


AbsoluteMommy said...

All four of those girls are beautiful. And how much fun are they having dancing together!
And I love that they call you Bert!!

AbsoluteMommy said...

All four of those girls are beautiful. And how much fun are they having dancing together!
And I love that they call you Bert!!

AbsoluteMommy said...

All four of those girls are beautiful. And how much fun are they having dancing together!
And I love that they call you Bert!!

Nicole said...

I think it takes a super special person to be a good step-mom... it looks like you're one of them! I have one too... she always treated me like her daughter, even though my mom was present as well. She became friends with my mom and all the parents worked as a team around me... more love to go around. It made our circumstances healthy and enjoyable.
Those girls are beautiful! Look how DOUBLY blessed you are!

Crystal Renee said...

So sweet. I wish my honey's ex would let the kids around me. It absolutely hurts that those precious 3 girls can't see their sister, except in photos.

Hope they get better soon & they start coming over more often. :)

Mama Tully said...

It's so nice to see an example of a healthy stepfamily relationship. All four of those girls are going to grow up being best buds as they get older!

Shawna said...

I agree with everyone else---sounds like you are a wonderful step-mom! It's too bad the girls are struggling with their health, but like you said, hopefully over time it'll all settle down and they can visit you more often! I'm sure it's hard for their mommy to let them go when they're sick.

Megan said...

They are ALL so precious! I'm glad that they got along this time around!!

Anonymous said...

Aw :) The joys of being a mom and a step-mom! Such cute pictures! Health problems are always hard, hopefully they start getting better soon and you will be able to start getting the twins more!