May 04, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

Since I STILL haven't picked up my "real" camera.
(Yes, it's been about a month. Sue me! :)
Anyway, you will have to bear with some more I-phone/Instagram photos of our family park night.

Once upon a time, (Lidia loves saying that all the time) there were two little girls.
Two very fussy little girls.
And two parents that wanted to get these fussy girls out of the house.
So the parents decided to take the very fussy girls on a walk to the park about a mile from their house.

Momma took the littlest girls hand and headed down the street like so...

While Papabear had to deal with a screaming, "No I stay home! I want momma!" screaming toddler that threw herself on the driveway. Finally, the oldest toddler gave in to the temptation to ride on her Papa's back, and they were all off to the park!

Papa got his exercise in for the night by running with the oldest toddler. While momma bear jammed to some Adele with the little one on her Iphone, taking their sweet little time.The little one decided to interrupt Adele time for some Jesus Loves Me time, pick some dandelions, get up and down from momma holding her about a million times, but finally they arrived at the park!

The swings were up first...

Then the littlest played on the "troll bridge" (thank you Dora) and the "monkey pars" (monkey bars)
Then both of them played with some other weird crap at the park :) 
The girls were pretty happy for a good 30 minutes and the parents thought it was a success! But then reality set in...
Because a little boy got in Lidia's way, (oh no! how dare he!) and she said, "Mommy! He NOT my best friend!" Her "poop lip" came out, she started to pout, and then she threw herself another fit...
So the parents and the very fussy girls decided it was time to go home.
Well... the parent's thought it was time to go home...
The girls?
Not so much.
And the fits started all over again!
Plus...We had to walk home with the very angry toddlers.
THAT was fun.
The End.

Can you tell this is a very hard toddler phase we are going through at the moment??
Send help.

Oh, and isn't it funny how the above pictures of the girls look like they are so happy and easy going all the time??! I could have easily wrote up a "fake story" about how we had this wonderful time at the park, life is easy breezy, we are the perfect family, yada yada yada... because it's easy to portray that here on this ol' blog with cutesy smiley toddler pictures, right?

Let's get real.

Life with two toddlers IS NOT easy breezy. I feel like most of my days are spent arguing with Lidia on why she can't have a third popsicle, or putting Carly in time out for the 18th time. This teaching them to grow into respectable, sweet human beings is hard work yo. It is. Sometimes I have no clue if I'm doing this mommy thing right. I lose patience, I get frustrated, I get annoyed. But that's parenting. And at the end of the day. I love them. Fighting, talking back, crazy and all. They are my little bff's for life. And according to the pictures, while they are being crazy and throwing fits, they are still laughing and smiling and hopefully enjoying life. And at this point, that's all I can ask for. That and pray that God helps us through this very testing phase of toddlerhood. :)


Joeylee said...

its good to know that I'm not the only mommy with 2 crazy toddlers who fight and test their limits but are still happy as can be. cute pictures

Natalie said...

Hey I saw your comment on JOeylee's blog about the trains! Our neighbors took their kiddos to a train in Boone...not sure if you are anywhere close to that but they said it was awesome!!!