May 24, 2012

Totally Random

First things first.
This is a sad week for me.
Lidia has been with her daddy for the last few days visiting family.
They are less than 2 hours away, but still.
It's pretty hard on a momma.
It's the longest I've ever been away from her and I'm not doing so well!
Here she is before she left.
And she went in her Belle costume of course! haha

I wish this picture wouldn't have been so blurry because I love it! All three of my loves!!

Soo... I was sad that Lidia was gone, so I snuggled with the baby one night :)

We have continued to go to our storytime class each Friday!
It's at a toy store called Kangarooboo.
The girls really love it.
They read books, sing songs, do crafts, and play with toys after class.
Last week, they had a sign language teacher come in and teach sign language.
It was pretty neat.
Now, the girls know signs for different animals! 

Last Friday, we went to Elmo!
I scored 4 FREE tickets to Elmo and the Superheros.
My mom, the babes and I all went.
It was just alright.
The girls liked Elmo, and the singing and dancing.
But the show went too long in my opinion.
And after the intermission, Carly was ready to go!
She refused to sit still!

While we were at Elmo on Friday night, the babes had a surprise waiting for them at home...
The twins came!
We had a fun, but kind of stressful weekend.
The kids all got along great at first, but then the weekend went downhill.
Let's just say that Sunday was definitely a day of rest!

(Also, a big thank you to everyone who commented on the post regarding the twins last week. All of  your comments were so sweet, and I appreciated each one so much!)

The Babes!
I hate to jinx myself here, and I know I will, but oh well!
The girls have been getting along really well lately... see!

Seeing double! Or Triple??
The girls got their first three way mirror experience! ha!

Carly is a rockstar!
Lidia stares out her bedroom window during naptime. hahaha!

I love these I-Phone Apps!

(Wallpapers, or send a cute little note to someone!)

This weekend we are going camping!
Well, not really camping.
My close group of girlfriends and our families are all staying in a cabin on a lake (or pond, or some sort of water! haha) about an hour away from our house.
It will be so fun to be with all the kiddos, all my friends, to be outside, to go fishing, eat smores, have a bonfire, etc.
I can't wait!
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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