June 26, 2012

2 on 22

In (less than) one month, Carly will be TWO!
(itty bitty baby Carly!)
(1st birthday!)
(Almost 2?!)

The baby of the family is turning two, yes TWO in less than a month.
She came into this world on July 22nd at 12:11am. She wanted to make her own statement by coming 11 minutes after the "expected" birthday of July 21st.
This threw off the sequence of birthdays for the girls.... (Lidia the 11th, Carly "supposed to be" 21st, and the twins the 31st but this is no surpise to anyone that knows Carly.
She makes her own rules. She's her own person. And that person? Is pretty awesome.

A few weeks ago, I described Lidia as a princess, sensitive, etc. etc.
Carly? Not a princess. Not sensitive.
Carly is a bully.
She's a little boy.
She's "all Fritz" as we typically say. Aka.... my husband. Allllll my husband and his family.
She loves getting dirty. She loves playing with boy toys. We can already tell that she will be good at any and all sports/activities.
So yeah, that boy we wanted so badly when we found out we were pregnant?
We got him.
Or her.
I mean, we got Carly :)
(See? A bully. ALWAYS picking on Miss Lidia. ALWAYS.)

But she's not always mean. She's actually super sweet too! She gives the best kisses and hugs. EVER.
And she does it repeatedly.
She has recently started wanting to wear dresses, and she LOVES Tinkerbelle.
She won't let me do her hair though.
Girlfriend will have pigtails or a ponytail out in .02 seconds flat.
She loves to dance, jump, and sings ALL THE TIME. She is always singing.
In fact, she knows her ABC's better than Lidia.
She loves "school" because she comes home with a new song everyday.
Speaking of school, her teachers LOVE her. They say she is the sweetest, quietest, best behaved little girl ever.
Ahem? Say what?? Carly?
The one that jumps on top of us and laughs when we get hurt? The one that pulls hair, bites, and pushes people?
Hmmm. Girlfriend is a good actor :) (I kid. She really is sweet)
And she's obsessed with Miss Abby. 
In fact yesterday, she told me she was going to Abby's house. She grabbed her purse (a bag) and walked out the front door. Next thing I know, she was ACROSS THE STREET. She must really love Miss Abby. Good thing too, because next time that happens and I take my eyes off her for 5 seconds, CPS will be called and she might HAVE to go live with Miss Abby. :)
Height/Weight: 25 pounds and about 70 percentile for height. (Not sure exact height)
Clothing: 24 months/2T
Shoes: Size 5 and 6
Eating habits: AMAZING. She will eat most anything and eat lots of it. She's always hungry.  Some favorite foods are; hotdogs, any type of pasta, chicken nuggests, string cheese, yogurt, apples, eggs, etc.
Sleeping: Takes one nap a day and ALWAYS has to nap. She's only skipped naptime once in her life. Her typical naptime is from about 1 -4pm. For bedtime, she goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up around 8am... give or take of course. She is still in a crib. I can't imagine switching her anytime soon, but I'm sure we will have to!
Potty training: Has begun!! She will go #1 AND #2 in the potty! She will tell us when she has to go about 50 percent of the time. We haven't buckled down on the potty training yet because she's not even two, but she's off to a great start!
Talking: Umm hello? Where did her vocabulary come from in the last few months? She's literally talking just as much/knows just as much as her 3 year old sister! The other night, Matt took her to the mall with him and a friend and he text me this: "Little known fact; Carly talks ALOT" hahaha yep. She is always talking... or singing... :)

Other random tidbits about Carly:
She hates to swing but loves to slide.
She LOVES the water.
She's currently obsessed with Caillou and Dora. She never used to even watch tv, now that's all she asks for. Bleh.
She's always naked.
She's starting to get very particular with things. She has to have the "right" cup, or her "favorite" shoes, or shirt, or whatever. Makes for leaving the house a pain!
She's freakishly strong.
She's fearless.
I think she's going to have curly/wavy hair!

I love you Sis! I can't believe you are almost two. I honestly can't believe it. Even though you tell me, "Daddy's my best friend".... I love you the mostest. You are my baby girl forever, and for always. You drive me crazy when you climb all over me and when you think grabbing my cheeks and pinching them as hard as you can is "cute and sweet" but let me tell you it's not! What is cute and sweet? You. You are my world. I can't wait to celebrate your birthday, 2 whole years of life with you. You definitely make life crazier, but better. ~Mommy


Megan said...

I LOVE HEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I miss my favorite little ladies and their very awesome parents :) Cannot wait to make a visit (hoping for the birthday weekend)!

Joeylee said...

that 3rd picture down of her is absolutely adorable!!! They grow up so fast :( Keira will be 2 in 5 months!

Emily said...

What a cutie!! My little girl is turning 2 in a couple of months too... It goes by too quickly! :(