June 12, 2012

I have the worst luck

It's true.
Lately, my life has been one big ball of unlucky.

Unlucky reason Number 1:
Obviously the main reason is my car being stolen last week. (as you know)
So you want an update on that I assume?
Well as of 10am this morning, we got a call from the police saying that they did, in fact, find our car.
All of the windows were broken.
Windshield smashed.
Tires slashed.
Mirrors broken.
Etc. Etc. Etc.
I don't know if it runs or not, but the insurance assumes that it's a total loss.
Apparently whoever stole it, had some anger issues...
But! But! But!
They left the carseats in tact... bless their angry little hearts... :)

Unlucky reason Number 2:
So with all this car madness going on, we have had a rental car.
The great thing about this?
We went on a trip to Rapid City, South Dakota this weekend to visit my dad and we were planning on taking a rental car anyway.
(The beast Expedition (RIP) was horrible on gas and it would have probably actually saved us money taking a rental) Anyway, since it was stolen before we even went on vacation, insurance paid for the rental!
The bad thing about the rental car this weekend?
I ran into a street sign. Ok. That sounds bad.
I backed into a SMALL, 2 foot high, sign.
Duh. I couldn't see it!
Anyway, there were scratches from my little "mishap" on the rental car... so that was fun!
I door dinged the rental car with my dad's car a few hours before we left.

Unlucky reason Number 3:
RIP my precious I-Phone.
My beloved I-Phone took a swim in the toilet this weekend.
We went Alpine sliding in South Dakota and I was taking Lidia to the bathroom before we went.
Well, I put my phone on the back of the toilet and BAM.
It fell in the toilet.
Lidia said, "That's silly mommy! Your phome (phone) fell in my potty! That's yucky!"
Yes Lidia, it's yucky.
And makes mommy very angry.

I don't know what it is about my I-Phone, but I miss it.
No but seriously...
I break, lose, get water damage on phones at least twice a year and I could usually care less.
But this time?
I'm pretty bummed!
No more Instagram!
What will a girl do???

Unlucky reason Number 4:
I uploaded all of my pictures from our vacation to Blogger yesterday and wouldn't you know...
None of them saved.
But at least I have a few Instagram pictures to show you from our weekend!
I'll get the "good pictures" from my camera up later this week.

Even though my luck has basically SUCKED lately, we had a great weekend. The girls were great in the car and
it was great to see my dad. I hardly ever see him since he lives 10 hours away, but I loved having the girls hang out with their grandpa! And the Black Hills? My home away from home... it's so gorgeous.

Here's to hoping my luck turns around, amen?!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

your car luck sounds like mine :( although i've been hoping to have mine stolen for years just to get rid of it... that's bad.. i really am sorry you're dealing with this.

Kay said...

Oh girl!! Booo!! So sorry for all that awfulness - at least you had a good trip!!

Allie said...

OH MY GOSH BRITT!! HOLY COW!! That is some bad luck sista! I am so glad the car seats were there! Thank God and I am loving the pics as always! Cheers to better luck ahead :)

Shawna said...

Seriously, that is some stinkin' bad luck for real!!!!

Glad you still had a great time. We went to the black hills and yellowstone for our honeymoon trip---so fun!

Raven said...

wait, so the people who stole your car, saw there were BABY SEATS in it and took it anyway???? Talk about the worst of the worst!!!

so sorry for your bad luck. Did you at least have insurance on the iPhone? ;)

Mama Tully said...

Ouch! That is a rough run of luck. Here's to hoping things turn around SOON!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Eeeeekkk...no bueno! So sorry to hear about your bad run lately! Hopefully things turn around soon for you.

JDub said...


Yay for the car seats though - I feel the same way about mine. Oh and last month I backed into a fence post and did worse than a couple scratches so you're ahead of me there at least :)

Joeylee said...

oh girlfriend you are not having the best of luck, but I hope that changes for you soon. For future reference if your phone ever falls in the toilet again put uncooked rice into a baggy and put your phone in the baggy the rice will suck out all the water and it should work. My phone took a swim I took it out and turned the blow dryer on at the end where you plug in the charger and it worked later that day. I hope things turn around for you guys soon, hang in there girl!

Megan said...

So sorry about the car Britt :( The babies are adorable as always and I am glad you enjoyed vaca. Bad luck usually runs for a while and then the good stuff happens!

Kati McDonald said...

oh love bug.. What luck!? I think some Kati/Britt time to lift your spirits might be just what the luck docta ordered!