June 19, 2012

Our Trip to Rapid City, South Dakota! Days 1 & 2

Blogger and I are fighting right now.
Or maybe it's my 1980's laptop.
Either way, I can't tell you how many times I've uploaded these pictures to Blogger, and how many times they haven't saved. One time, I had the ENTIRE post ready, I hit PUBLISH. and BAM.
It completely vanished.
Another "good luck" vibe I have going on right??

Anyway, I'm hoping this time it works. That you will finally get to see our pictures from our vacation to the Black Hills.
Say a little prayer... because if it doesn't work... whew. I don't even want to think about it :)

Sooo.... we left for Rapid City, South Dakota on Thursday, June 7th to go visit my dad and his girlfriend. It takes about 10 hours to get there from where we live, so on the way out there, we split the trip in half. We decided to leave around naptime (1pm) so the girls would sleep in the car, drive 5 hours, and stay the night in a hotel. I know, I know... geniuses I tell ya. But what you don't know? The girls had other plans. Sure they napped in the car, BUT only for an hour. Hmmmph. So they were up for the remaining 4 hours of the drive that day. But honestly, they were so good. They watched movies, sang songs, played "I spy" and got to play in the sprinkler at a rest stop!

That night we stopped in Mitchell, South Dakota to stay the night and go swimming. It was the perfect place to stop and the girls had so much fun. Plus, we got a suite with two rooms, so when the babes zonked out for the night, Matt and I were able to watch some tv in the other room without waking the monsters. Priorites people, obviously.

Anyway, my babes are water babes so we spent most of the night at the pool... like 2 or 3 hours? Yeah. Oh and don't mind Lidia's hideous "swim swim." No it's not a swimsuit, it's a floaty. And saftey comes before cuteness when it comes to being in the water... yes?

Yes, they actually slept in the same bed!

The next morning we woke up and headed the rest of the way! It was only 3/12 or 4 hours from the hotel, so the trip was pretty short. Carly slept half of it (girlfriend didn't get her "required" 12 hours of sleep the night before so she was tired) but Lidia stayed up and jabbered our ears off the entire trip. We made a few more pit stops, with our favorite being 1880's town. There was a big train that was actually turned into a diner, so of course we played around outside on it.

We got to Rapid City around noon and headed straight to my dad's! He actually lives outside of Rapid City, directly in the Black Hills, so it was really neat to show Matt and the girls where I spent some of my time in the summer when I was growing up! When we first got there, we gave tons of hugs and kisses, but immediately started doing things like this....

That afternoon/evening we made our first "tourist-y" stop to Mount Rushmore! 

Lidia slept the entire time....
And Carly... well... obviously did not! :)
Then we walked around the boardwalk of Keystone! We got fudge, taffy, and sat down for a break at the Red Garter Saloon! Oh and "rode horsies" too...

That night we went back to our "cabin" we were staying at, grilled out, played with Grandpa, and went to bed early!

Stay tuned for Part 2... you know you want to :)


Baby Bug and just a little Wit said...

I am having the same issue with Blogger. Although I'm pretty sure its because I have to post from my phone for now. Your girls are adorable.

Mrs. Mama said...

looks like a BLAST!!!

Jade :) said...

I think the problems with blogger are because they want you to get chrome. Once I finally caved and got chrome, blogger is working AMAZING! So dumb that they MAKE you DL their internet in order for things to work.

Krista Lynn said...

The black hills is one of my all time favorite vacations! Our family used to go every summer, It looks like you had a wonderful time there!