June 22, 2012

A petting zoo, motorcycles, and goodbyes...

Sooo here we are.... Finally wrapping up the last two days of our trip to South Dakota.
Let's recap:
Thursday: Drove 5 hours. Stayed the night in a hotel. Went swimming.
Friday: Drove around 4 hours to Rapid City. Played with Grandpa. Went to Mount Rushmore/Keystone.
Saturday: Storybook Island and then....

After Storybook Island we went to my favorite restaurant in Rapid City... Sandfords. AMAZING food. (Seriously check it out if you are in the area.) Then we were off to a petting zoo!
Yep. That's a real goat. On a bridge.

The girls rode ponies!!

...and we watched a 10 second pig race. Hilarious.
After the petting zoo, the girls were EXHAUSTED. I'm talking, Carly literally fell asleep in the car before we even got out of the parking lot! Ha! So we went back to my dad's house for the evening and we got out my dad's bike. DON'T JUDGE. We only went about .02 miles an hour having Lidia on the bike with us. And the bike was tiny! It was like riding a motorized scooter but it was fun! We only drove around his little block also :)

That evening my dad begged for the girls to have a sleepover at his house. I, of course, had to say yes considering he's only seen them twice in his life! So, we got the girls fed, bathed, and basically tucked in for the night before Matt and I left the babes to bond with their grandpa for the night. (Sidenote: We were staying at a little cabin/trailer just up the road from his house, so we were only about 3 minutes away, so that made me more comfortable! Not that my dad can't handle them, but he hasn't had a baby in his care by himself since... ME!)

Anyway, since we were alone for the night on vacation, we decided to drive 20 miles to Deadwood! Have you heard of the show on HBO called Deadwood? Yep, that's the town the show is made after. It's basically an old cowboy/saloon/gambling town. We only stayed about 2 hours because it started raining and we had to drive back through the Black Hills, OH and we LOST ALL OUR MONEY.... but it was fun! The next morning, the babes and Grandpa and Toni came over right away! (thank God! I hate being away from them overnight... and I might have called once, or twice, or three times since the night before....:) Anyway, we made a big breakfast that morning, packed all our stuff since we were leaving that afternoon (Sunday), and set off for our last few hours in the Black Hills.

Sunday was our last day and we decided to go Alpine Sliding and drive through Iron Mountain Road and Custer State Park to see Mount Rushmore through these awesome tunnels, and try to see more wildlife. It was a great last day but it was hard to say goodbye. Even though we were only there a few days, the girls really bonded with their grandpa.They had so much fun! Anyway, we left Rapid City around 4pm on Sunday and decided just to drive the entire way home! Crazy right? But once we got to the halfway point, it was the girls' bedtime and we decided just to let them sleep in the car and then get home to our own beds instead of a hotel! And Matt drove the entire way! Love him. Love my dad. It was a great trip! Until next time Rapid City.... :)


Courtney B said...

Love the pictures!!
What a GREAT trip! You guys got to see sooo much! Makes me want to vacation there :)

Shawna said...

How fun!

I bet Raya would love to ride a pony---looks neat!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Looks like so much fun!