June 21, 2012

Storybook Island // Rapid City, South Dakota

First things first, if these posts about the our trip to South Dakota bore you... feel free to skip them!
I know, for shame!
But honestly, there are a ton of pictures from this trip and I just want to get them on the blog for the girls to see later.
So yeah.
Don't hate me???
(And I have one more post to go! ahhh)

Anyway, back to the trip. So where were we? Oh yes. We got to Rapid City on Friday, did our thing at Mount Rushmore, went to bed... yada yada yada. So Saturday, we woke up and headed to Storybook Island in Rapid City! Storybook Island is basically a park in the middle of the city with all different storybook characters, statues, slides, etc. It really was the highlight of our trip. Oh. AND? It's FREE!! Different companies, people, shops, etc donated money to help build it. Neat, huh? I wish we had one in Iowa. By far, I think this has been the girls' most favorite thing they've done so far in their short little lives. :)


Yogi Bear.
Wizard of Oz.
Matt inside a whale?

Lidia's favorite! "Ariel the merrrrnaiddd."

Carly's favorite thing? This tree. Hmmm?
Matt trying to get Humpy Dumpty back on that dang wall!

Jolly Old Saint Nick... but of course!

SNOW WHITE! (2nd favorite)
Cat N the Hat!

My Prince Charming with his Princesses! Welllll... kinda.
They had a little theater production of the Ugly Duckling. It was so cute. The girls loved it.
.... and they got to get up on stage afterwards and sing and dance!!
And of course, they rode the train. Twice. :)

Next up? The rest of Saturday and Sunday. It'll be the last post about our trip... I pinky swear :)


The Local Tourist said...

Isn't Storybook Island great? Thanks for sharing your post and all of the photos! Did you visit any other attractions while in the Rapid City area? We would love for you to share some on our Facebook Page so others can see how fun it truly can be! Thanks again! www.VisitRapidCity.com

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