June 05, 2012

Weekend Happening's & MY CAR WAS STOLEN... what?

First order of business...
This weekend our car got stolen.
I guess I should say MY car got stolen.
The one I drive.
The one with the expensive Britax car seats in it and the DVD player.
The one that my babes are in 90 percent of the time.
Yeah. That car.
Out of our driveway.
In the middle of the night.

So I'm sure you want the details...
Basically I woke up on Sunday morning, and around 8:30am I looked outside and realized our truck wasn't in the driveway.

But wait. Let's rewind a bit.

You remember that Matt's parents are staying with us for a few weeks, right? They recently moved to Arizona (remember our trip??) and they are back in Iowa for a few weeks to sell their business they had while they lived here, sell furniture, spend time with us, etc. It's been pretty fun!

Also, Matt's brother recently moved into our basement. He's a single guy, working in a restaurant at night, so we were pretty excited to have him move in since our schedules are opposite and we knew we wouldn't disturb each other too much. It's actually been great! We hardly ever see him, but when we do, it's so fun to have that extra person to hang out with, play with the kids, etc. Plus, it's a perfect set-up for him. He has his own bedroom, bathroom, and living room downstairs. He pays rent, so that extra money doesn't hurt either :)

(YES. We are crazy. But we love helping our family out:)

Ok, enough with the back story. The reason I told you all of this is to let you know that currently we have 7 PEOPLE at our house. SEVEN! That also means for the time being, there are currently 5 CARS parked outside.

So back to our car. Yes, it was stolen. Out of our driveway.
Anyway, since there are 3 other people currently staying at our house, I first thought that someone else borrowed it that morning to go to the store for breakfast or something.
But nope.
Everyone was at home and accounted for.
Then I thought it was a joke.
But soon after, Matt reminded me that we aren't high schoolers anymore.
And that it wouldn't be a funny joke.
Well the only thing to do at that point was to realize that yes, my car was stolen out of my "nice suburban neighborhood" and call the cops.
THAT was fun having the cops in our driveway at 9am, on a Sunday morning, with all of our older neighbors staring at the young family with the cops in their driveway:) I can only imagine what they were thinking...

Anyway, the cops think it was most likely teenagers that stole it and they will drop it off on the side of the road somewhere and we might find it. Or we might not. Who knows.

It's just so crazy to me.
It was the only car that was stolen from our house... out of five.
And honestly?
It was even the nicest one!
My car/truck was an older Ford Expedition.
Matt's brother has a brand new Nissan Altima that wasn't even touched.
His parents have a newer truck that wasn't touched.
All the other cars weren't even touched.
They were all unlocked.
But nothing was stolen out of them.
Nothing was taken from our garage.
Noone heard the (loud) truck leave the driveway.
And our dog didn't even bark!
(And she barks at everything!)

It's plain craziness to me.
Good thing I know a good insurance man... Hello husband!
So anyway, we are in the process of dealing with the insurance, police reports, rental cars, figuring out what to do/or buy, etc. It's just a huge hassle. And the moral of the story? No matter how safe you feel, how nice your neighborhood is, people are still crazy!

So all craziness aside, I'll leave you with some happy! fun! no car drama! pictures from our weekend...

We got new patio furniture!

Hubby ran his first 20k!!!
Sis got her first pedicure!

...And this is Lidia taking a nap on the couch.
Three different sleep positions in three minutes = hilarious.


Raven said...

OMG that is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I always think to myself, "what if my car got stolen" but then I'm like "naw, that won't happen to me". Did they hot-wire it?? and will insurance pay for a brand new car???

you should totally have titled this post "dude, wheres my car?" ha!!!

Care said...

thats insane, like i cant even imagine. im so sorry!!

Allie said...

OMG that is nuts!! How does that happen!!!>! I am sorry hun!

MOT Test said...

AwWw! That is crazy :s

JDub said...

Aw kangarooboo! And you bolted before I could say hi!

I cannot believe your car seriously got stolen omg!!! And they havent found it yet?!

leemeandthegirls said...

Hey Britt! Your blog is adorable! Saw where you posted about wanting a shirt. There's a paypal button on my blog, or you can email me for my mailing address. THanks for your interest in supporting us! -McCall :)

Julie said...

I just found your blog through another, but what???? How does your car get stolen?? And it looks like you are in Iowa---how?? I grew up in Cedar Falls and I can't imagine anyone stealing a car there! So I had to connect as I used to live there and went to University of Iowa, but have landed myself in NJ right outside NYC with my husband so I love to make random Iowa connections. So hope to read more and keep in touch---and so sorry about your car!

Joeylee said...

WHAT! that's crazy. I guess you never know how safe you can be.

Mama Tully said...

Wow, that's crazy! And kind of scary too. It would kind of make me feel a little violated! Have they found it yet?

Jamie said...

Bummer! That is really crappy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is insane! That really sucks. I couldn't imagine waking up and my car being gone.. Thankfully your hubby is an insurance man!

On a much brighter note: Cute pictures!