July 12, 2012

4th of July! (A little late... I know!)

We started the morning off going to the parade!
It was HOT.
And busy, packed, huge, and long (I'm talking over 2 hours long... for a parade!)
And pretty miserable.
Luckily a friend of mine lives on the road the parade goes down, so we had an AIR CONDITIONED house to watch the parade from halfway through it!
After the parade, we went to the carnival to ride some rides!
 But Carly wasn't tall enough so she couldn't ride anything :(
Poor Sis, but she doesn't look too sad about it does she??
After the parade, carnival, and being in the 100 degrees/humidity for several hours... we were spent!
So we went to Grandma Lulu's for naps!
After naptime, we swam, grilled out, and swang...
 Oh and played peek-a-boo... :)
We didn't end up watching fireworks that night, since I had to work the next morning...
but next year maybe? I hope so!

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