July 17, 2012

7-11-12 ~ Lidia turned THREE!

The day of Lidia's actual birthday, last Wednesday, was amazing.
I loved spending every second of the day with my big girl!
I started the preparations for her birthday the night before.
I blew up balloons to hang from her doorway for when she woke up. (oh and Dora wrapping paper on her door too!)
Can I stop and take a second to tell you how HARD IT IS to try and pull off a "surprise" for a toddler??
Especially one that wants to be around you 24/7?
I mean, it's cute and all when I tell Lidia that I'm going to the bathroom and she says, "I go with you mommy. I wanna be with you." Oh wait, no that's not cute. That's supposed to be my "alone" time and well... it's not anymore :)
Anyway, back to the story.
The crazy obsessed toddler.
Ah yes.
So anyway, I had a hard time doing this project. A project that should take about 5-10 minutes turned into 30 because of the obsessed toddler.
I had to move to three different rooms to get this accomplished but alas I did.
And she loved it.
And so did Carly.
After the balloon shenanigans, we directed the birthday girl to the kitchen.
Let me add something here first.
I was so excited for this girl to wake up on her birthday, obviously.
And she of course slept in.
And then?
She OF COURSE, woke up two minutes into me stepping into the shower because I thought I could sneak it in real quick.
So the whole balloon and breakfast gig?
Was done while I was still in my towel.
Halfway through my shower, and the water still running...
Real life people, real life.

Anyway, Papa woke up early to make Lidia her favorite breakfast... BACON!
So when she walked into the kitchen, she sat down to her favorite meal of bacon and cereal... with candles of course :)
After breakfast... we had a dance party.
And the girls were naked... shocking, I know!
(You can tell this is where I got Lidia dressed)
 Then we did Lidia's birthday girl photoshoot in her cute birthday outfit!
And naked Carly felt left out, so she joined in too :)
Then the girls played with the balloons....
Then we went to Build-A-Bear to pick out a new outfit for Lidia's kitty.
She got this kitty last year on her birthday, so it's kind of become a tradition, for now.
We played at the play place, and then we ate lunch.
After that, we went to my works' company picnic.
Lidia got to hit a pinata, eat a brownie, and meet all my co-workers.
After that, we went to Grandma Lulu's (where Carly was taking a nap, so Lidia and I could have alone time on her birthday!) and ended her birthday shenanigans there!

We ordered pizza, ate cake, and opened presents!
 We all put frosting on our noses, per the request of the birthday girl!
Carly got to open a present too!
Which was a Tinkerbelle costume, and what happened to that costume?
The birthday girl ended up in it :)
And she ended the day being silly with her Lulu.
5 min after that pic, we left Lulu's house to go home.
It was about 7:30pm.
5 min after we got in the car, Lidia was OUT!
At 7:35 pm.
I think we can call that a successful birthday! 

And here are a few random cell phone pictures from our day!
It was amazing.
Thanks to everyone that wished her a Happy Birthday! 

P.S. The girls' joint birthday party was this past Saturday.
I will show you party pictures this week!
P.P.S. Carly turns 2 this SUNDAY!
It's a crazy month, I tell ya!


Shawna said...

awww...she looked so precious in her birthday outfit! Looks like a wonderful day :-)

Joeylee said...

How cute was she on her birthday. Looks like she had a great day! Can't wait to see birthday pictures

Mama Tully said...

Happy birthday to both of your girls! Lidia looks like she had SUCH a fun day! Can't wait to see pics of their party!

Erin said...

Aww she looks SO HAPPY all day! You made her feel so special :) Too cute, and I was cracking up at the naked dance party!

Care said...

she is adorable, looks like she had a super fun day, the naked pics crack me up -- so classic for this age. lol

Kenzie Smith said...

Happy late birthday to her :D
Looks like she had a fabulous birthday! I love all the surprises you had for her!