July 26, 2012

Be Who You Want Them To Be

Isn't that the truth?
I want my girls to have good values, morals, and great manners.
I want them to be friendly, to help others, to believe in themselves, and most importantly HAVE FUN!
And who will they learn alot of that from? Me.
So here are a few of my parenting priorities while raising my kids...

 I want my babes to be happy, to live a happy, fun-filled life.
(Oh, and I want them to wear pigtails, so I try that as often as I can too :)
I'm big on sharing. And cuddling.
And having a great relationship with family.
This picture below can be summed up as this:
my kiddos snuggling and sharing their grandpa's chair.
(After they stole it from him... ha!)
Bada bing. Bada boom.
Share. Cuddle. Family.
I want my kiddos to celebrate life. To celebrate people.
So I make birthdays a HUGE deal.
(I got it from my mama)
(Post to come on Carly's big birthday day!)
I want my babes to be best friends.
And these two girls? 
They are best friends all on their own.
And this picture?
With their arm around each other, snuggling, while in the stroller?
Proves that they are and will be best friends for life.
Every mom wants their kids to be smart.
And since I already have the smartest kids in the world...
(Oh c'mon! I'm kidding! ha!)
I want them to be creative. To excel in what they are interested in.
I think I might have a little artist on my hands (Lidia)... and I'm totally ok with that!
Whatever they are interested in whether it be; music, dance, soccer, or chess club... bring it on!
 Keeping good friendships is important.
A good friend will always be there when you need them.
One day, those friends you had in high school, might be in the delivery room when your babies are born :)
Or there to take you out when you have a broken heart.
Either way, they need to know that when it comes to friendship... it's quality, not quantity.
Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.
Dig in.
Live a little.
Be adventurous.
Take risks (not too big of risks! ha!)
Laugh at yourself.
Have a sense of humor.
Get dirty!
Have fun in the sun.
Go to the pool.
Do crafts.
Enjoy the zoo.
Or riding bikes.
Swing. Slide. Play house.
Get out of the house.
Share snacks.
Look cute while doing all of the above!
I strive (everyday) to make sure the girls know how much I love them.
I can't leave for 5 minutes without giving them a kiss.
I kiss them while they are sleeping.
I kiss them when they don't want it... ha!
I want them to know that I will always be their biggest cheerleader.
And noone will love them as much as their mama!
I teach them to...
Jump around.
Enough said.


Shawna said...

Great post! :-)

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

One of my most favorite posts ever! This is GREAT!

Erin said...

This post was seriously amazing. You are SUCH a good mother and everything you said is SPOT ON what I hope I can convey/do when I have kids of my own. I know I've probably commented about this a billion times but your girls always look so happy. Sure there are the random tears ;) but they just looked so loved, so happy and so carefree. LOVE IT!

Stephanie McCall said...

great pictures!! and that first saying is so so true.

Stephanie McCall said...

great pictures!! and that first saying is so so true.

Joeylee said...

This was a great post! I love that quote too

Mama Tully said...

Such a great post. Made me get a little teary :)

Robin Acevedo said...

I love this post so much. Your girls are the absolute sweetest, so gorgeous and smiley and I love reading that they are best friends! They're so lucky to have you as a mama :) everything you said is so important and true!