July 20, 2012


First things first...
Everyone is doing those Blogger 411 posts, right?
So cute. Such a good idea.
And as much as I love reading them, I decided against doing my post. 
But since I was thinking about doing it, at one point I went on facebook to look at my "college days" for pictures to show you guys.
And since I already looked at them and saved them, I thought I might as well share them with you, right?
Who doesn't love a little trip down" silly, crazy, before being a mommy" lane??
(I'm smack dab in the middle)
This was my freshman year at Central College and all the girls on my floor in our dorm!
Here I am... talking on my Zach Morris phone, of course.
Best girls. Still!
No! We are NOT making out!
We are showing off our hair... for some strange reason.
We called this picture; chocolate and vanilla apparently :)
But it shows you how... umm... weird we were? I mean, how weird we are? hehe
Another fish face on St. Patty's Day?!
Why did I love that face so much?!
Umm hello ugly dark hair and wacky clothes!
(To this day, this picture is Matt's AIM profile pic... awesome :)

Annnnnyway, that was fun but onto my life as of lately!
(This life lately is much more fulfilling life then my college days, I might add :)
L & C being best friends/worst enemies.
One minute they snuggle/hug/kiss... the next?
Carly is biting Lidia on the arm and making me question whether the bite mark is infected...
and yes, it was THAT BAD!
Ice Cream Dates.
Snuggles with TORI!
Swimming at the wading pool.
Bella playing T-Ball!
Mexican dinners with Baby Josie and her family.
Holding hands at the park/wading pool!
Cruisin' in a Cadi.
Breakfast outside.
Naps with Kiki.

Saving the best for last...
This time?
She kept her princess heels on.
Priorities people, priorities.


Joeylee said...

Oh our girls are so much alike it's ridiculous. Kaylee and Keira have that love/hate relationship too and it drives me nuts!! Yesterday was by far the worst day they've had. It was non stop fighting and not listening and I finally broke down and cried.

Loving the throwback college pictures

Shawna said...

One of my good friends went to Central too :-)

Fun pics!

Kati McDonald said...

Graham girllll