July 19, 2012

Lidia and Carly's Princess Birthday Party!

We had Lidia and Carly's joint birthday party on Saturday, July 14th at 4:00pm at our house.
If I'm being honest, the party was *kind of* a bust.
Don't get me wrong, the kiddos had a blast!
And I loved decorating, spending time with friends and family, watching the girls enjoy themselves, etc.
We had a pretty awful turnout.
And with all the time I put into the party, it made me feel like a fool for putting in so much effort for it to end up being more of a "normal get together at the Fritz house" rather than a party, ya know?

Here's the princess party in all it's glory :)
Our fireplace decorated:
(1st and 2nd year pictures on the left, 2nd and 3rd year pictures in the middle, and baby hospital pictures on the right)
I had pictures of them throughout the year, hanging on string with clothespin, throughout the house as well.
The kids' table.
Lidia told me I made her house into "a castle" with this decoration.
She LOVED it. And it was so easy to make too!
I used five, $1.00 plastic table cloths and hung them from the ceiling.
Then I added balloons, and princess decorations, and voila!
Thank you Pinterest.
The food was all "princess inspired"
Here's what we had:
We had three different types of sandwiches; pulled pork, chicken salad, and turkey.
Ariel's Goldfish
Sleeping Beauty's Popcorn (the girls FAV!)
BLT dip (yum!)
Snow White's Apples and Fruit
Belle and Chip's Iced Tea
Tinkerbelle's Pixie Stix
... Chips and I think that's about all!
I didn't really have a cutely decorated cake, dessert, or food table, so I just took a few pictures...
The pictures from our South Dakota trip to Storybook Island and the girls' getting pictures with the characters there aka Snow White and Ariel...came in handy!
Now onto party pics!
Here's our "HUGE" crowd.
There were more people but everyone looks thrilled, right?
We had ourselves a little photobooth...
(HAHA! My sister HATES having her pictures taken... unless it's in the duckface pose. Bc she is 14, ya know! :)
Oh and another bust of the party?
Carly refused to wear clothes.
At her birthday party.
I was originally going to make this extravagant cake, but I'm so glad I decided against it!
I went to Sam's Club instead and picked up these bad boys... for $13.00 bucks!
(Don't be scared of Lidia's face, she has stamps/colors all over it! Not a disease!)
These two were so cute at the party.
They took a little break and sat together, by themselves, on the steps.

We also had a huge 6 ft cardboard coloring castle from Walgreens that the kiddos played in most of the night.
But why would I get a pic of it?!
Who knows.
Anyway, after all the coloring, castle playing, food and cake eating, present opening, and photobooth fun...
The kids went swimming.
They swam forever! And the slide going into the pool was definitely the highlight of their night!
The only guys at the party.
Chillin outside, of course.
Baby Josie.
Yep, the twins were here for the party!

Regardless of the turnout, we had a lot of fun! And our family was pretty worn out from the day, so we were in bed early that night! The next morning, as if we didn't have enough sugar from the cupcakes the night before, we ate donuts for breakfast! MOM OF THE YEAR.
Then the kiddos played in the pool the rest of the afternoon and had a lunch picnic... on the castle.
There's my picture of the castle!
Destroyed, of course! :)

Overall, it was a great weekend, a fun party, and the best part was definitely having the twins with us!
And seeing the babes have so much fun, of course!
Next year?
No party.
Yes, husband.
You can use this as blackmail next year. You know me too well, and I might try and change my mind :)


Shawna said...

haha...looks like fun regardless!

I have the same problem with birthday parties...excepts at least I always know ahead of time there won't be many people. We just don't have many people nearby to invite! So I always keep it pretty simple for our approx. 8 guests ;-)

Stephanie McCall said...

aw it looks super cute and so much fun! but I understand we had recently moved so my babys first birthday party was a bit of a bust too

Erin said...

Aww- it looks SO GOOD and looks like the girls had an absolute blast!! They are seriously so happy :)

Bummer about the turnout though bc I totally understand that. Never a bday party, but we throw a lot of Sunday football get togethers at our place and have like 20-30 people tell us they're coming... so I prepare MASS food and buy TONS of drinks, and end up with a handful there. Oh, well, right?! ;)

Megan said...

Too bad we couldn't come :( Looked like an amazing party and AWESOME job on the decor!!!! Is the TB hat who I think it is?!?!? LOL I love you guys xoxo

Joeylee said...

Everything turned out cute. Gret job mama. Regardless of the turn out it looks like the girls had a blast

Mandy said...

Gorgeous momma! What a fun party! I'm sure the girls loved every second

Ramona from Sam's Club said...

Hi, Britt! Thanks for sharing all of these adorable pictures from Lidia and Carly’s birthday party. Your décor was so creative and I am sure the girls will remember this party forever! Thank you for letting Sam’s Club add something special to the party and enjoy the rest of your summer! – Ramona from Sam’s Club

curtis03 Lewis said...

Liking all the unique and well managed arrangements. My sister in law organized a bridal shower for her best friend at one of the lustrous San Francisco venues couple of weeks before. Flower décor was done with lilies and orchids. Purple ball cake was beautifully designed with self-dinner organized by quality caterers.