July 13, 2012

Our Summer with Kiki

I'm not sure how much I've mentioned with you guys what's going on in La Casa de Fritz this summer, so I'm going to recap a little.

Sooo, Matt's mom and step-dad live in Arizona. They've always lived about 10 miles from us, and would just spend the winter down in Arizona for the past few years and come back during the Summer/Fall. But this winter, they decided to sell their home here in Iowa and live in Arizona. But Grandma Kiki, (as the girls call her), and the girls have a special relationship. She used to watch them while I worked last summer, and before that she was the director at the daycare they go to, so she got to see them everyday. So of course, when she was gone in Arizona this winter, she missed the girls like crazy and decided to come back to see us for a few weeks. (Plus they had to sell their business, personal items, etc.) Since they sold their house, they needed to stay with us for awhile, and we had plenty of room for them.

Well "Rock" as the girls call him (Rod... Matt's step-dad) decided to go back to work in Arizona, so he left after being here for a few weeks BUT Grandma Kiki decided to stay. She wanted to make a little extra money during the summer and spend time with all of us. So she decided to go back to work at the girls' daycare! This time, instead of being the director (since she will be moving back to Arizona in a few weeks) she is a teacher. AND? She is Lidia's teacher! Lidia loves it and so does Grandma Kiki!

But most of all? I LOVE IT! I get pictures sent to me throughout the day of what the girls are doing, and who wouldn't love that?! Plus I get the scoop on the daycare; naughty kids, teachers, Lidia's mood that day, what Carly "really" ate, etc. Because let's face it, daycare centers don't give you all those details that moms really want to know, ya know? And that's why I'm glad they only go two days a week! They get the interaction with other kids they need, but they also get to be with me most of the time!

So here are some pictures that I get sent to me while I'm working... and yes, you can tell that Lidia has a best friend that she is always with. Her name is Ro Ro :)

And we can't forget about litle miss sassy pants Carly!
Even though Kiki isn't Carly's teacher, that doesn't mean Kiki doesn't sneak up and see the babe and snap pics for me!
Another good thing about having Kiki around? She's our go-to babysitter and she loves it.
Last weekend, Matt was gone all weekend for a Bachelor party and I was able to go to the Bachelorette party for an evening because Kiki could stay home with the girls! And? I got pictures of their activities while I was away too of course!
The only problem?
What will the girls think when she's gone in a few weeks?!?
They might be a little devastated.


Stephanie McCall said...

oh I am so glad to hear they are enjoying this time with her! love all those pics!!

Annie said...

yay for having Kiki around :)....sounds like a perfect set up!!

Shawna said...

That's awesome! And I love the pics of Lidia with her little friend--too sweet!