August 31, 2012


I pretty much have a wordless catch-up from my camera from the last month or so since the babes are napping, and well... I should be napping too! :)

Best Friends.
 Daddy/Daughter = Flower girl/Best Man!
 Uncle Dane!
 Beauty Queen
 Clifford at the fair!
 The zoo!

August 28, 2012

The Instagram Life.

This is how our weekend played out....
Considering my weekends are Friday - Monday, every week the girls and I have a four day weekend, and we love it! :)

So Thursday, I worked, BUT I had an awesome lunch date!
I met little Miss Josie, Baby Emery, Ramsey... oh and their Mommas too! (My besties)
The only people missing were my babes :(
But I'm sure they were having fun at daycare!
After work, I picked up the girls and Lidia showed me the "CRAPS" (crafts) she made at school....
That evening, we went to an Iowa Cubs game!
I scored free tickets from work, so we decided to go just the four of us.
I wasn't too worried about the girls behavior since the tickets were free, and we could leave if they acted up, but we were determined to have fun!
And we did had fun...
until the fourth inning.
Just as I suspected, the ballpark wasn't the place for two crazy toddlers that just wanted to run around, but oh well!

What did we do Friday?
Oh yes, we went and registered my new car!
The girls and I... alone.
Oh booooooooooy.
Oh yes, and did you pick up on that?
We finally got a new car despite all of the car stealing drama!
A Buick Rendezvous....
Before registering the car, Lidia got pretty by putting on make-up, of course.
Then that afternoon, the girls napped and then Friday night, the husband and I had a romantic date... alone... ooooo la la!
Then Saturday, I had a bachelorette party for one of my besties!
We went to the casino...
and I WON!!!!

Matt stayed home with the babe, and of course I got pictures sent while I was out and this one was my fav! :)
Sunday, I woke up to a silly girl with silly faces, of course!

Then we went to Aunt Chloe's soccer game....

Monday was catch up day for mommy! Cleaning, errands, etc.
And of course the girls were maniacs... of course!
So the trip to the store? Disaster.
Lunch? Disaster.
Naptime? Semi-Disaster.
Girls fighting? All day.
Trip to the park? Semi-fail.
But we survived!

And for punishment for being a crazy person all of Monday, I took pictures of Lidia when she got stuck on the monkey bars... I'm horrible. I KNOW. Don't worry. No babies were harmed in the process of taking this picture :)