August 09, 2012


Currently Watching/Favorite show:
Big Brother
Currently Anticipating:
The Iowa State Fair starting this week
(Last year at the fair)
Currently Wishing:
Currently Working On:
Current Food/Drink:
Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole we had last night and it's summer so I'm always sipping on Iced Tea
Current Needs:
Current Banes of my Existence:
...and always This.

Current and ALWAYS #1 Blessing:
 Current Outfit (I want):
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Current favorite quote(s):
 Current Wishlist Item:
For the girls...
For me...
(Striped wall somewhere in my house...someday :)
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Robin said...

I adore that little girls room! I would have LOVED that growing up!

Joeylee said...

loving the stripped wall. I want one too when we buy a house!

Nicholl Vincent said...

everything on this post made me feel so happy! like the faith one and the bad day!

have a fantastic day! stop by and say hello! :)