August 16, 2012

Family date night at the Fair!

This week we had a family date night at the Iowa State Fair.
Just the four of us.
It was so fun!
We were only there a few hours (with two toddlers, that's plenty of time obviously) but it was still a great time!
What was Lidia's favorite part?
Every year Hairball comes to the fair several times throughout the week, and this was the first time I've ever seen them!
Hairball is an 80's rock cover band and... well... they rock. 
Even Lidia thought so...
We also rode some carnival rides!
By "we" .... I mean Lidia.
And by "some rides"..... I mean one.
But seriously.
Carly wasn't big enough and Lidia only liked one ride.
Hey I'm not complaining though!
Those rides are not cheap!

We basically just walked around for a few hours.
Listened to music.
Ate food.
People watched.
Spent too much money.
And had a great time... together.
It was a perfect family night.
And yes, Carly was there too.
She was just too busy dancing on poles most of the night....


stephanie said...

looks like fun! I will say that hairball is totally cracking me up- that name! it kills me!

Unknown said...

looks like SO much fun!