August 24, 2012

My babes aren't babies anymore...

... and here is why....

*We took down Carly's crib and put her in a big girl bed this weekend. Due to her being a restless sleeper, we figured an actual bed instead of a toddler bed would work best for her. It's been a challenge getting her to sleep at night in the new bed, but she will get better in time.... hopefully :) Oh and she loves loves loves sleeping with her baby dolls, stuffed animals, and princess shoes. HA!

*This week at daycare/school, Lidia had her first "real" field trip.
She went on a bus and everything! They went to the park/carousel that we went to alot this summer, so it wasn't anything new for her, BUT I wasn't there. Cue tears. She's supposed to be with ME when she does fun things, right? Yeah yeah, get over it Britt. So yeah. Field trip. Bus. Packed sack lunch. BIG GIRL!

*Right now they are really into making funny faces.
*Lidia starts REAL tap/ballet class on September 6th!
Last year, Lidia and I did a "mommy and me" tumbling/dance class since she was only 2 years old. This year she gets to be in a real dance/ballet/tap class! This week I signed her up for classes and she starts in two weeks. We had to buy tap shoes and that girl is obsessed. She always wants to wear her tap shoes and her dance dress, and won't shut up about going to dance class!

Lidia: "Mommy I go to dance class now?"
Me: "No. In a few weeks okay baby?"
Lidia: "Mommy I go to dance class, then I take a bath ok?"
Me: "No honey. We can't go today, we have to wait a few weeks. Dance class isn't open right now."
Lidia: "Mommy dance class will open for Lidia. We should go!"
It will be a looooooooongggg two weeks!
*They have best friends.
Like for real. Lidia has a best friend at school named RoRo. She talks about her all the time. When I drop her off, she immediately runs to find her. When I get her dressed in the morning, she tells me that RoRo will LOVE her outfit, etc. etc. etc. The other day when I picked her up, they were outside playing and when I spotted Lidia, she was standing next to her best friend, hugging her, telling her she loved her, and then they ran to the slide holding hands. Seriously? Cutest thing ever. BUT? RoRo may have some competition with Ramsey, Lidia's boyfriend....
* They say the funniest things!
"It's my party and I cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry to... happen to you!"
"You make me cry mommy! You hurt my feelings!"
"Mommy... I so tired. Stop talking to me! I'm trying to sleep. You can't wake me up mommy, I need my pretty girl sleep"

*They are just all around big!
I honestly can not believe how much they talk, how much they grow everyday, learn new things everyday, and are real little people and not my wee bitty babies anymore!


stephanie said...

ahhh the very first pic made me reminiscent of my big one who as a little toddler would go to sleep with every single stuffed animal she owned. it was like trying to find waldo in her bed :)

Erin said...

They are just precious though, even if they aren't babies still ;) How FUN that she gets to start dance classes soon!!!

Joeylee said...

isn't it sad how fast they grow up and change?! I want to sign both Kaylee and Keira up for dance classes.