August 22, 2012

She's been 2 for a whole month AND....

....I'm just now getting around to posting about how we celebrated Carly's actual birthday!

Carly's 2nd birthday was on Sunday, July 22nd.
So naturally, Saturday night after she went to bed, I decorated her door for when she woke up!
The night before her birthday she helped me make muffins for her birthday breakfast.
So when she woke up we ate muffins, changed into swimsuits, and opened a few presents that Grandpa Todd sent her! 
Then Diva Lidia made it known that she should be center of attention and not Carly...
Next up, we ate lunch and then headed to the pool!
This was the day that we learned that L&C are fishes in the water! Those girls were fearless!
They jumped from the side of the pool about a million times, swam for several hours, and went down the big slide!
After the pool, we went back to our house for naps.
While naptime was going on for the girls... this was being set up in the backyard...
And the girls LOVED it! (and still do!)
After playing outside a bit, we went inside for pizza and brownies/ice cream!
Please excuse my baking skills.
Please excuse my handwriting.
Oh and please excuse the holes in the brownies...Lidia snuck a few tastes in there.

We spent the day with our family.
And celebrating our 2 YEAR OLD'S amazing life.
What more could we ask for?

Oh and remember the cute outfits I got for the girls' birthday?
To wear at their party?
To wear on their birthdays?

Well this is the best picture I got out of them.
2 days after Carly's birthday....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she had an awesome birthday! I love the decoration on the door, that is such a neat idea!
Super cute pictures :D

Shawna said... that last picture! I guess they aren't impressed hehe ;-)

Looks like a super fun pool party!

Joeylee said...

Looks like she had a great day. Cute pictures. I laughed at that last picture too

Mandy said...

Looks like SUCH a fun birthday! Love all the pictures!