August 17, 2012

The time in which I thought someone stole my child...

Ok. Not really.... :)

But I do have a story.
Last week, we were at my mom's house and decided to take a little walk up to the local ice cream shop.
Which I should point out first... I should not have been there.
You're probably thinking I'm talking about the calories?
Well that too.
But no.
I'm talking about the fact that this little ice cream shop, Van Dee's, was a fierce competitor of my beloved Dairy Queen that I worked at for almost 5 years throughout high school and college.
We walked. We ate. We conquered.
And it was good.
And as a sidenote, if you order an ice cream cone, you get two cute little eyes on them (chocolate candies) and the kiddos love that so DQ might have some competition on their hands!
I told you it was a local ice cream shop, right? Well that meant this place had a bunch of pictures of little kiddos all over the place.
So while we were ordering, I was looking around and I looked down and saw this picture....
(Look very closely to the girl on the right....)

Was that my Lidia?
Who stole her?
Who's that little girl next to her?
Did daycare come to VanDee's and I didn't know about it?
Did Lulu take her without me?

Well the answer is no to all of those questions.
She just has a *semi twin* out there.

Speaking of twins...
Me kissing my sister. Lidia kising her sister.


Shawna said...

oh my, she *does* have a twin!!!

Megan said...

that is CRAZY!!! SO identical!!!

Those last pics are adorable!! :)

stephanie said...

that is too funny! a little lookalike lidia!! love the sisters kissing, how sweet! melts my heart.