August 14, 2012

This week.

read books.
went to the fair.
showed off happy faces in the car.
slept/threw fits in target.
bought rollerskates for lidia. because she was begging for them?
went flying.
snuggled with Lulu.
showed off more happy faces. oh! and tattoos from the fair.
played with box the bunny.
found a new love for brushing teeth.
lidia became even more girly. if that was even possible?
two children and one dog slept in the parents bed.
then children slept together.
met Clifford.
ate ice cream.

What did YOU do?


Joeylee said...

Such cuties. Looks Like you've had a great week so far!!! Kaylee & Keira wish they could come play!!

Shawna said...

We are planning to go to the fair on Saturday...can't wait! :-)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Love insta posts, so much fuN! Thank you for sharing and I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop!
Hope you have a great day!