September 25, 2012


My baby sister became a freshman... A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL... this year.
Seriously, it's still mind blowing to me.
As we all know, becoming a freshman means you are now in the high school and you can do fun things like Homecoming, Winter Formal, etc.
But not for our town.
Since I graduated high school, the Johnston School District has grown quite a bit.
They've added new elementarty schools and reorganized the middle and high school.
So now?
Middle school is 8th and 9th grade.
Which means?
Freshman aren't in the acutal high school yet.
Which also means?
Freshman can't go to Homecoming.
Lame I know.
But never fear!
My gorgeous sister is here!
 ....and able to bend the rules and go to not only one homecoming, but TWO homecomings at TWO different schools.
So yeah.
Our last two weekends have consisted of all things homecoming.
Oh and hating my sister for being so gorgeous....

First up...
Last weekend, Chloe went to Indianola's homecoming with a family friend.
Her and my parents stopped by my house before heading to Homecoming to take some pictures...
Next up?
This past weekend was Urbandale's homecoming.
Urbandale is our town's rival.
But Chloe's boyfriend and all her close friends from church go to Urbandale, so this was a really fun and exciting night for her!
All of us met over at a friend from churchs' house to take pictures.
Oh and Grams (my step-dad's mom) was in town so she got to see Chloe dressed up in all her glory too!
(Chloe, Noah (her bf) and Carly)
(Chloe, her bf, her bf's mom, our mom)
... and Carly had enough of me taking pictures and not paying enough attention to her, which resulted in this....
Carly obviously hates Homecoming.
Keep it that way sister!


Joeylee said...

How cute is your little sister.
Hope she had a good time

Robin said...

Are there ANY girls in your life that aren't absolutely adorable?! Your sister looked stunning!

Kristina said...

Your sister is beautiful! Aww pretty soon our girls will be going to school dances....scary!!