October 16, 2012

A hodge podge of collages

We are just over here with a case of the sickies (bad cold/cough and Lidia has strep throat) so not much has been going on with us, but I thought I'd give a few updates....

Little Miss Lidia:
She's still obsessed with her dance class. They are currently learning a dance routine that they are going to perform in one month! I'm excited (and nervous) to see how she will do in front of a big group of people. I'm sure it will go as great as strangers trying to talk to her. In other words, the pictures from the dance concert will most likely consist of Lidia in tears, or not on the stage at all. Yep. That's my girl ::sideeye:::
Also, her and Carly are both doing great at school. Due to an incident at their old daycare, we switched them to a new one last month and neither one of them skipped a beat! They still go only two days a week, but they seem to be learning so much more then before. They learn new songs each week, do alot of crafts, go on field trips, they have a weekly "theme,"(this week is fall, pumpkins, and halloween) both girls know the days of the week already, and much more. I'm so happy with the new school, because it really is more of a learning atmosphere then the other one and the girls love it. And? They come home sooo happy when I pick them up now... I don't know why. But seriously, they do....
This weekend both girls had a special Friday night. Aunt Bubs stopped by after work on Friday and asked if Carly could have a sleepover. I wasn't sure at first, because she wasn't feeling the best but I ended up saying yes. That meant that Lidia had her Mommy and Papa all to herself that night. That never happens!! And of course, that meant Carly had her Aunt Bubs all to herself! They played, ate, watched movies, etc. While Lidia and I  had a playdate at a friends house, then came home and played CandyLand with Papa! She got to stay up late and fall asleep in bed with us. It was such a great, relaxing, non-fighting with her sister type of night and very needed for all of us. Yes, we missed Carly (duh) but she was home early the next morning and of course, the fighting started immediately! The rest of their weekend was spent mostly at home because we found out that Lidia has strep throat. Poor girl, but she's doing better now with medicine!

(Top right pic? A dress Aunt Bubs and I sewed! I'm slowly trying to learn to sew)
So.... how about Miss Carly?
What has she been up to? Oh just talking and singing up a storm....

She was also sick this weekend but tested negative for strep. So there's nothing to do for the baby except lots of rest. Lately, she's been your typical two year old monster. Full of the grumpies and really into hitting and yelling. She's a joy let me tell ya... :)


As of last week, she's potty trained! It just happened. One day she was in diapers, the next day she wanted nothing to do with them and has been in big girl underwear ever since! She's doing great!

Lately I've seen that fighting, arguing, and tantrum throwing has been a common theme between siblings in most families. I'd have to say that rings SO TRUE with my girls lately too. I don't know why they turn into these crazy lunatics that scream "YOURE NOT MY BEST FRIEND!" to each other, then the next minute they turn around and yell at ME for "BEING MEAN TO MY SISTER" but ya'll they are crazy. While yes, they fight like it's going out of style, they also turn around and play so good together. Bi-polar much? Yes. Anway, their favorite thing to do right now? Put on a talent show....
And that pretty much sums up our lives as of lately.
Talent shows.
The sickies.
Potty Training.

and next week?
These two will be celebrating two years of marriage.


stephanie said...

that made me soooo anxious to get my little one in dance!!

Mommy Mandy said...

Those dance pictures are just too cute!

Joeylee said...

Loving all the pictures.
Good job Carly on potty training, thats awesome!! Keira was really interested in using the potty then she got bronchitis and now isn't interested at all. Which is ok, I'm not going to push her