October 19, 2012

An hour in the life of L&C...

Put on The Lion King.
Fast forward to the "King Song"
Listen to girls scream in excitement.
Watch them start dancing.
Wait for the "RAWR" part of the song, and then laugh when they are on point.
Anticipate a fight coming on.
Watch the fight begin.
Carly starts it, obviously.
Lidia retaliates.
I constantly tell them to stop fighting.
They get over it (actually quite well this time!)
Lidia continues to dance.
I laugh at her mad dance skills.
Carly gets bored and runs off.
Lidia still dances and sings.
The song ends.
The girls ask for the "King Song AGAIN!"
(and again and again and again)

Put on repeat x 7 and you have a glimpse into an hour of our evening...


Mama Tully said...

Haha! Life with two little girls...gotta love it! That's one of my kids favorite clips too. We just keep it saved on youtube, lol!

Becca said...

HAHAH! LOVE this!! Sweet girls :)

Kati McDonald said...

Look at Lid's awesome dance moves!!