November 01, 2012

A cowgirl and her horse

Happy (late) Halloween!
 ~ From the cutest cowgirl and her crazy horse!
(The horsey didn't stay a horse very long... she soon turned into a clown for obvious (makeup) reasons)
And because the cowgirl is into "posing for the camera" these days, I got a few extra cute pictures of her :)

While we're at it, let's just have a look down Halloween memory lane...
2009: Lidia as a poodle! 
2010: Lidia the scarecrow and Carly the poodle
Last year consisted of two costumes (of course)
Lidia as Barney and Carly as a pirate,
The Winnie the Pooh family!
(minus Matt haha!)


Shawna said...

Awesome costumes! That cowgirl costume is adorable especially, and she was such a great picture taker! :-)

Joeylee said...

Loving the costumes!!