November 14, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Changes.

(Time may change me, but I can't trace time... I love me some David Bowie)

The other night Matt told me I should have been born in the 80's.
Or something like that
I wasn't sure what he meant at first, but he proceeded to comment on my love for 80's music.
This is true.
I've been to 3... no wait, 4? Bon Jovi concerts. Rod Stewart is my hero. And Journey? Don't even get me started.
Anyway, I don't know where I was going with that.
Oh yes, the title was an 80's song.
Lately, we've been going through some changes in our household...
(And no I'm not pregnant or anything drastic like that)

See these pictures?
These pictures of Lidia 30 minutes before dance class?
She seems SO EXCITED to go, right?!
Girlfriend has reverted to hating dance class.
alkdjofiwslkdjf is how I feel about that.
We pay 60 dollars a month... 60 DOLLARS A MONTH...
For me to watch Lidia dance for 5-10 minutes at class, and then pout, cry, throw a fit, etc the last 30 minutes.
I'm not sure what changed!
But she has one more class before her recital in less than two weeks, and if she is still acting this way, we might have to call it quits for the year.

Moving on to another negative change...
I've always bragged about what a great eater Carly is.
For pete's sake, the child would eat onions, peppers, and hot sauce!
But oh hey! Is that you karma?
Coming to laugh in my face for bragging about a two year olds eating habits?!
Yes, yes it is because this is how Carly REALLY feels about eating now...
Although, she's not as bad, and she will still "try" alot of things, she's become picky like her sister.
Oh joy!
The picture below?
She literally only ate that one piece of brocolli in her hands for her entire dinner. Oyyyy.
But give her a bottle of ranch and a spoon?
And that girl will be your best friend forever.

Let's talk about naps/bedtime.
That's another change we've been encountering.
The time has come where Lidia is no longer taking naps.
She might occassionally, but I'd say 85% of the time, she is nap free.
Which is fine by me because she falls asleep much earlier now, but her little (copycat) sister isn't quite up for that challenge yet.
Although try as she might to refuse naps, she ends up sleeping through most of a birthday party we went to this weekend....
But this means, that by the time Lidia is ready to go to bed for the night, Carly is still ready to play.
This little hard headed sweetheart has been refusing sleep... PAST 10PM.
No bueno child, No bueno....

Obviously the weather is changing around here too.
Actually this weekend we went from 70 degrees back down to 40 degrees.
But at least we got one more good day of playing outside before it gets super cold.
And now we are switching gears and trying to find stuff to entertain the girls with inside.
Yesterday I did some preschool activities with them, and then when Papa got home, he let them climb in the attic.
Papa's ALWAYS win in the fun department :)

But one change that I don't think I will ever get over.... is how big my girls are getting!
They have friends!
Like legit friends that they ask to hang out with.
Playdates are not just for me to spend time with my friends anymore, it's for the girls to spend time with their friends too!
That is crazy to me!
When did MY BABIES turn into the toddlers/big kids playing with the actual babies???

But these changes are just the beginning.
I can't wait to be apart of every single change these little girls go through.


Erin said...

As always they are adorable! Even if they are refusing naps and becoming picky eaters ;) I bet you are so bummed she is hating dance now! She looks so cute in her dance outfits haha, and yeah $60/month is no joke!!

Shawna said...

Oh bummer about dance class! I honestly thought Raya might have a change of heart after a couple weeks but that girl is still obsessed with dance class! Ya win some, ya lose some haha :-)

Kati McDonald said...

Eww! on the dance business! We ended up finding somewhere for Pearl that is 35/month and a 30 minute class once a week plus 2 recitals per year. That's just plenty for her small attention span. Let me know if you want info. Oh and p.s. get that? ok.


Joeylee said...

Awe that stinks about dance class.
Loving the pics of them hugging, so sweet

Perfectly Imperfect said...

How old I L? E is trying to give up the nap too and I CAN'T HANDLE IT!! I need nap time! And yuck on the dancing thing :( hopefully she'll decide she likes it again!