November 30, 2012

Christmas card outtakes and a trip to the park!

Somedays are harder than others when it comes to parenting a two and three year old.
Somedays it may be my attitude that makes it harder, and somedays it's their attitude.
But...we always get through it.
We had one of those "harder days" a few weeks back.
Fights. No naps. Arguing. Tattling. younameit.
So at the end of our day I took them on a walk.
They walked the entire way to the park. No stroller. No wagon.... They walked.
To wear them out. To make them explore. To entertain them. To make me not go insane! :)
We ended up walking to the park near our house.
And while my intentions were to let us "regroup" and end our day on a good note, it ended up being more then that.
It will probably one of the last times this year that we will be at the park and enjoying being outside because winter is coming. So despite the day of terror, I'm so thankful we went. The girls always love the park!
....and you are probably wondering why the girls were in Christmas pj's, huh?
Before we went to the park, I did a little "photoshoot" for our Christmas card this year.
And you are lucky enough to see some of the outtakes!
(I will share our Christmas card after they have been sent out.)


Erin said...

How nice that you have a park you can walk to though- that's perfect! The girls are looking so big and grown up!!!!

And I love all the outtakes, and the candy canes everywhere :) Can't wait to see the card!

JDub said...

Heck yeah, Christmas jammies!!!

Shawna said...

Love the outtakes!! :-)