November 04, 2012

My best friend's wedding

My best friend got married on Friday, October 26th.
This wasn't your "traditional" wedding as they planned it in less than two months, got married at the courthouse, and had a reception at their own home.
(It was both of their 2nd marriages)
But I wanted to make it special for them nonetheless, so the week before their wedding, we had a little celebration in their honor. We had dinner at Sbrocco, and then moved the party downstairs to a place called Shorty's, which was the place they had many of their first dates at. It wasn't anything extravagant for a "joint bachelor/bachelorette party" but she loved it, and I think it was perfect for them.
(Love the cake? Thank you Pinterest! It turned out really cute (and good!) if I do say so myself!)
(and duh... I made them both dress up :)
The day of their wedding, Lindsey (the bride) and a few of our closest friends all got ready together. It was fun to be with all of us girls and our kids before her wedding. Oh, and I got some cute pics of the kids too! She has two kids from her previous marriage, so of course, her daughter was the cutest flower girl in the world, and her son didn't look too bad himself :)
Best friends!
Outside the courthouse right before they got married!
... and Carly slept through the whole thing!
Isn't her tutu the cutest?
Their families.
His son, her new stepson and her daughter. So cute.
It was a great day and I love to see her and Michael (her now hubby!) so happy and in love.
I wish them both a lifetime of happiness :)

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Stephanie said...

I love hearing about weddings! I'm planning mine at the moment and it's fun to see how other people do things! That tutu is amazing :)

I nominated you for a Liebster Award!