November 05, 2012

Want to know a cheap thing to do in the fall/winter??

Grab ten bucks, two very cute kiddos, a camera, and an hours worth of your time and head to Chuck E Cheese! Well, if you are someone like me and live literally 2 minutes (if that) from a Chuck E Cheese, it's seriously the perfect place for kiddos to blow off some steam when the weather isn't so great outside!

My mom, the girls and I headed there one rainy Friday morning a few weeks ago and it was perfect!
We went early (like 11am) so there was barely anyone there, and we hardly spent any money. Win/Win!
And the girls?
They are still talking about Chuck E Cheese.
Look at their faces in all of the pictures... they were smiling from ear to ear!
This will definitely be one of our "hot spots" this winter when we get a little stir crazy!
Do you have any "go to" places in the winter time for toddlers?
I love to hear new options and check out new places!


Erin said...

They are such smiley lil' girls!!! :) Too cute! Kinda' makes me wish I had someone to take to Chuck E. Cheese, lol. Their pizza is amazing, if memory serves me correctly!!

Becky said...

My mom and I took the kids there a couple weeks ago when we were supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch. It was cold, and Mommy and Ma-Ma didn't want to be out in the cold. Although, Ma-Ma made a rookie mistake and got $20 worth of tokens... Insane, but the kids had a blast and I got extra long naps that day!

Joeylee said...

how fun. Cute pictures

Shawna said...

My girls love that place too---we need to go back!

I sent you a message on Facebook about Caillou!

Anonymous said...

Aw such cute pictures! I love taking the boys to Chuck E Cheese (: The prices are great to play the games!