December 18, 2012

Christmas Happenin's and L&C Happenin's

Christmas Happenin's: (so far)
*Jolly Holiday Lights (Holiday lights displays... proceeds go to Make a Wish Foundation!)
*Gingerbread houses
*Visiting Santa!
*Baking Christmas cookies
*Elf on a Shelf every night (Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) is HIS name hehe)
*Train rides
*Decorating Christmas trees

L&C Happenin's:
*While decorating the tree and looking at ornaments at my mom's house, we realized (once again) how much Lidia and I look alike when I was younger....

And I died.
*We found out on Monday that Carly has eczema.
We've pretty much known all along, but her regular doctor just said her skin gets dry in the winter.
Does THIS look like "only dry skin"???
Poor baby.
So I took her to the dermatoligist and sure enough... Eczema.
And while at the doctor, this is how I kept the crazies babes occupied....
*We got a membership at the YMCA!
We thought the Y would be a great place for family fun and exercise.
They have open gyms, exercise equipment of course, and the best of all?
It's pretty much like an aquatic center and the girls are obsessed.
It's the perfect thing for our family to do in the winter!

Other then the above mentioned, we've just been chillin'...
Waiting for Christmas to arrive...
Oh, and getting hardwood floors installed...


Joeylee said...

Oh my gosh, lidia looks just like you. TWINS!!
Poor Carly. Do you have to get special lotion for eczema?

Shawna said...

The floors look amazing! How fun you get to go swimming this winter :-) Hope Carly's skin clears up!

Anonymous said...

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