December 05, 2012

We got spirit... Yeah! Yeah! We got spirit!

For those of you that don't know, my little sister is 14 years old and a freshman in high school.
I'm sure you've seen posts of us going to her soccer games before, as she is really good at soccer and has been playing since she was young.
She followed in my footsteps, as I played soccer all while I was growing up too! Until high school hit and I was too cool for that stuff...
Actually, she took after Matt. He's the real soccer star of the family. No seriously :)
Anyway, I'd like to think she followed in her older sister's footsteps once again (because I'm that cool, right?) and this year is her first year of cheerleading! (I cheered in high school and college)

I'll be honest, at first I was a little skeptical.
Sure, she's gorgeous, has the body for it, and she's a perfectionsist so her moves will always be on point... BUT!
She's the most unpeppy person I've ever met in my life! She talks in monotone, and hardly ever smiles or laughs.
Oh wait. She says she only never laughs around her family because "we aren't funny"
Hmm. Right. I forgot. We are dealing with a fourteen year old still :)
Anyway, she surprised the crap out of me and is an awesome cheerleader!
She could still smile a bit more (hehe) and maybe actually not get embarrassed when we are there... but seriously... I'm once again so very very proud of my little sis!

And obviously, if you need us all winter, we will be at all of her games because the girls? They just can't get enough!
Lidia giving her "Aunt Coey" a good luck kiss before the game!
(Chloe is in the front row, closest to the camera)
Lidia obviously had to get some popcorn to watch.
(Chloe moved to the back, again closest to the camera)
Seriously, everytime they cheered, Lidia got up and did it with them! She loved it!
She was being her typical boy self and spilling water, eating everything in sight, and randomly cheering too! 
Can't wait for the rest of her games!


Shawna said... your little cheerleaders! I always thought cheerleading looked fun---unfortunately during my high school years it was the very un-cool thing to do at my school. Of course after I graduated it got overhauled and became cool again---perhaps I missed my calling! :-)

Mama Tully said...

Oh my gosh so cute!!! I have my fingers crossed that my girls will want to be cheerleaders (much to my husbands dismay!).

Erin said...

Aww I love it! I played sports in 5th-8th grade and finally convinced my parents I'd rather cheer in high school than sit the bench in sports haha. Glad they 'let' me because cheerleading became LIFE. I miss it so much- these pics seriously brought back so many great memories!!

Your daughters HAVE to be lil cheerleaders too ;)

Joeylee said...

Cutest little cheerleaders around