December 06, 2012

Who is this girl? Seriously...

Where has my three year old gone?
You may have seen her... Her name is Lidia?
She's temperamental, hard-headed, scared of everything, shy in front of people, hates audiences, terrible eater, and everything "scares her"...
Yeah. That Lidia.
No longer exists...
As of... hmmmmm... 2 weeks ago? Crazy, right?
This "new Lidia" we have on our hands actually! eats! food!!!!
Obviously she's no extremist overnight, but last week, my child ate a SLICE OF PIZZA. People, this is huge! Usually she only eats the crust. She also ate a hot dog! Hot dogs are usually gross. AND? She ate a grilled cheese! I didn't see this one, but the daycare knows her eating woes and said it was true! Again, have you seen my child?

Also, this "new Lidia" had another dance recital/program this weekend.
This time they performed at one of our malls. It was hot. It was crowded. BUT. It was intimate and I was able to sit front row and get some close up pictures! AND?!
"New Lidia" came out once again and stole the show!
She was sitting beside her friends in her class a few minutes before the show and I saw her say, "I'm gonna dance sooo good today! My mommy is going to be soooo proud of me! I'll be the best dancer! Are you gonna dance good?! Is your momma gonna be proud??"
Be still my heart. I love her so much.
And she DID do so good. And her momma IS so proud of her! And she WAS the best dancer!
After she danced, we headed to the other side of the mall to ride the train to spoil "the best dancer."Her and sissy rode the train once, but Lidia saw something MUCH more interesting that she wanted to do. Welllll, her mother wasn't so sure about this "new adventure" that Lidia wanted to try, but girlfriend insisted on doing it. I figured she would scream and freak out but it was only $8.00 so I figured I let her figure it out for herself! Plus, the workers of this "adventure" told me she was age/weight/height appropriate to do it, SOOO...

Lidia went on this trampoline jump thingyy!
Seriously where did the "old Lidia" go?
Not that I'm complaining...
This Lidia is pretty awesome!


Erin said...

Aww - you can totally tell she was the best dancer out there! And smiling SO BIG in every one-- she loves it!!! :)

Mama Tully said...

Those dance recital pics are priceless! So so cute! (And you give me hope that maybe a "new Lilah" will make an appearance someday, lol! Not that I don't love her personality to bits, I could just do without the pick eating and meltdowns as well!).

Joeylee said...

Loving her dance recital pictures