December 13, 2013

Sunday Slow Down

 It was an average Sunday of getting up, getting ready, and heading to church.
Once we got there, we realized that the girls' Christmas program was THAT NIGHT.
Well, that came out of nowhere, but no biggie. We would be there.
After church, I realized I had taken on more than I could chew for that afternoon.
Somehow we were supposed to go to brunch at Lulu's, Josie's baptism, a birthday party for Lidia's classmate plus a present, AND NOW the church program that night.
To say I got flustered would be an understatement.
But you know what?!
It all worked out.
Weird how that happens :)
So here's just my little advice around the holiday season for everyone (myself included)...
We even got some afternoon sledding and playing in the snow done on our busy day!
... and of course, the Christmas program was adorable too and turned out great!
Except, I'm bummed that my camera was on a weird setting and made the pictures look all funky :/

December 12, 2013

Not your average Pinterest worthy party + Scavenger hunt

This past weekend, my friends and I decided to get our kiddos together for a Christmas cookie decorating and craft party! If you are looking for a Pinterest worthy party here, then you have come to the wrong place. Any hopes and dreams (ha... kidding!) of that happening flew out the window the second we got our kids together. Did you know that toddlers and preschoolers and kindergarteners would much rather actually play together and eat frosting off the cookies then making our party Pinterest worthy?! Who knew?!
Anyway, we didn't have any decorations for this party, and in fact, we ended up not even doing any crafts because...guess what? The kiddos didn't want to! They were too busy playing together! And since this party was about them... why not let them do what they want?! But we did color, play cops and robbers, chase each other around the house, and decorate some cookies. And the kiddos had a blast! All while us mommas sipped on our Caribou coffee and snuggled on our newest sweet baby boy addition and laughed and played with the kiddos. It was the perfect morning!
After our "party" we headed to see Santa and Mrs. Claus! What we didn't know, was that there was a scavenger hunt going on around the little town square also! It was fun, at first, but it was SO COLD that by the 6th business we stopped at on the scavenger hunt, and we hadn't found our scavenger hunt item yet... we cheated and went directly to the business that had it. Whatever. Don't judge. We had some cranky, cold, and hungry kiddos that just wanted their prize! :)
I love all the following pictures of the kiddos. It's so hilarious to me that we can't get a single picture of everyone looking at the camera, yet, Lidia is always posing :)
Haha! This one below cracks me up. Pointing Mrs. Claus. Crying Baby Josie. And model Lidia.

December 04, 2013

Back to dance we go....

Yeah yeah, dance classes start in September and here we are just starting in December?
I know.
But we decided not to do dance this year because it was too expensive.
ESPECIALLY to put both girls in it.
Well, I'm not sure what changed.
(Actually I do know, the weather changed!)
And here we are, in our second week of dance class.
The girls are doing great!
This is Carly's first year and she's a pro already.
Anyway, we did a little "photo shoot" before their first class a few weeks ago.
It went well?
No, not at all.
They were too hyper and excited for class to start, as you can see....
But I did manage to get these "angelic" pictures of the girls.
I just love their faces in these!
...and Lidia ended our shoot with, "Mommy, I'll just lay on the ground and pose like this ok?"
Ok then!