January 25, 2013

Birthdays and Pink Eye

This weekend was my favorite man in the whole worlds birthday... my husband's birthday! I'd like to think he had a great weekend, and I'm assuming he did because we did *most* of what he requested. His requests were as follows; swimming on Saturday with the girls, dinner with ME! on Saturday night, church on Sunday, and brunch at my parents after church. We were able to get everything in except church on Sunday because we thought Carly had pink eye. (More on that in a minute) Anyway, here are pictures from our Matthew celebration brunch on Sunday....
Besides celebrating our most favorite Papa this weekend, the girls also enjoyed being princesses a good portion of the weekend! (and everyday too)
(They are "bowing to their majesty" in the last picture... imaginations I tell ya!)

Lidia was busy this past week doing all sorts of important things like; perfecting her duck face, riding her bike, learning new dance moves at dance, loving on her momma, and getting pink eye :( :(

(We thought Carly had it on Sunday but it was gone the next day so we figured we were wrong. But sure enough, Lidia got it on Tuesday this week and has been home from daycare with it since)
The most important thing Lidia did this week?
She learned how to write her name!
And I taught her... go me!
....and since she already knew how to spell "A" and "D" from her name, I taught her to spell Dad too!
Besides the above mentioned, not a whole lot is new around these parts. Except the crazy, over the top, loving madness that the girls have going on right now. They love love love each other!
Oh yes, and we named ourselves parents of the year this week when we let the girls do this....
YOLO baby, YOLO.
(did I really just say that?!)

January 18, 2013

Cowboys & Ice Skating

(I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon of updating regularly. And I can't tell you that it's going to get better, but I will at least try and update once a week for the grandparents. But you've been warned and my posts are kinda boring (I know!) but it's all I've got right now :)

Anyway, what did we do last week? Because, again, the grandparents want to know... so ha! :) Soooo, Thursday...We had Lidia's dance class! And we took a cute little sis with us too...

On Friday we went to a place called Backyard Adventures during the day! It's a company that sells playground equipment, but during the week kids can go and play! It's awesome for the winter time! Lidia was content playing on swings and hanging with her momma the whole time while Carly? Well Carly was off chasing boys and sliding down the slides with them. Were in trouble with that one I tell ya!
Friday night we went ice skating with Carly....
While Lidia went to the rodeo! (With her cowgirl outfit on, of course!)
The rest of the weekend... Was spent dancing...
We let Uncle Eric color on a certain little girls' face...
(Only because his Bronco's lost in the playoffs that night!)
Lidia had a special pedicure date with mommy!
The girls were as cute as ever.
They learned a new game.
Called jail.
Ummm... don't you know jail is bad children?!
They got out of jail and turned into the coolest kids ever.
We snuggled.
.... And they became even better friends. If that was possible. They are so cute together.

January 11, 2013

L&C Happening's this week

This week Lidia and Carly...
*Got piggy back rides *Played in the snow *Laughed at crazy shows
*Served cookies they made *Sported sassy attitudes *Relaxed
*Read books *Relaxed some more *Made funny faces
They also...
*read more books *made even sillier faces *fell asleep in momma's arms
*carly got her first pigtail braids *carly ate too many cookies *Lidia got her first facial mask
*chased Lulu around *slept with momma even more *went to the science center
 (and they were on the news! more details to come!)

January 10, 2013

Taylor Swift

I'm not sure how we got here.
The music obessession.
The dancing obsession.
The TAYLOR SWIFT obsession???
It's true.
My girls (mainly Lidia) have come down with the Taylor Swift disease.
"Mommy is Taylor Swift on the radio?"
"We are never ever ever getting back together!"
"I wanna listen to TAYLOR!"
All the time.
And I'm to blame, I'm sure.
But seriously, these girls are obsessed with singing, dancing, and listening to music.
In the car, at home, , on my phone...
It's madness.
And kinda fun :)
I love hearing them singing along to music, except for when the song isn't that appropriate... ooops.
Anyway, the girls are always asking to hear certain songs and listen to them on my phone or in the car or on the tv.
So, for Christmas my sister got them a few cd's and this awesome cd player with two microphones!
They are in heaven.
And the volume doesn't go too high so Taylor Swift isn't ringing throughout the whole house!
Anybody elses kids going through this phase?
Tell me I'm not alone!

And just to give you a glimpse into our lives, here are the names of the songs that they practically know by heart!
 (again, mainly Lidia)
Taylor Swift; Never getting back together AND Trouble.
Call me Maybe
Marroon 5; One more night
 (aka the DIE song. umm what?)
Ellie Goulding; Lights
(aka the CARLY song. they think she's singing Carly instead of calling ha!)
Kesha; Die Young
LMFAO; Sexy and I know it
(hanging my head in shame)
Rhianna; Diamonds
Pink; Blow me one last kiss
Demi Lovato: Give your heart a break
Kelly Clarkson: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
A few J. Beiber songs... of course

.... and more that I can't think of.
Crazy, huh?

January 08, 2013

The best of 2012

New years is New years.
I never make a big deal out of it.
I kind of look at as another day...because well.... it is just another day!
But regardless I'm ready to wave a big fat ADIOS to 2012 because it wasn't our best year.
Overall it wasn't terrible.
Nothing drastic happened like losing our home or losing a loved one, but 2012 did have it's hard times.
Sure, we had a few vacations to visit our families, we watched our kids grow older, cuter, and even smarter. We spent time with friends and family. Spent time together. Took lots of pictures, tackled house projects, learned to cook new recipes, and much more I'm forgetting I'm sure.
But 2012 also brought financial and business stress, frustrations, loss of patience, losing friends, and relationships tested.
2012 was definitely a year of learning about myself, my husband, my children, and our close network of support. And for that, I'm grateful even through the hard times.
Hopefully this year will be a prosperous and not so "trying" year!
I forsee some changes happening in our family this year (no not another baby!) so hopefully these changes will all be for the better!

I already know of a few things to look forward to in 2013 like;
Lidia will start pre-school in the Fall! (wahhhhh! Not really looking forward to her being THAT BIG but it's a huge milestone!)
Carly will start gymnastics at Chow's gymnastics (Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas trained there) this summer.
Lidia will have another dance recital this Spring.
Lidia will turn 4 and Carly will turn 3 in July.
Matt and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage in October.
We will have a vacation to Arkansas to watch Matt's younger brother get married. Matt and the girls are in the wedding so it should be a blast! Plus we will get to see both of his parents, which is always a plus!
We plan to visit my grandparents again this Spring sometime, and hopefully my dad again this summer!

Now I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures from 2012. Because honestly, we really did have some good times this year!
.... and the motto for 2013....