January 18, 2013

Cowboys & Ice Skating

(I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon of updating regularly. And I can't tell you that it's going to get better, but I will at least try and update once a week for the grandparents. But you've been warned and my posts are kinda boring (I know!) but it's all I've got right now :)

Anyway, what did we do last week? Because, again, the grandparents want to know... so ha! :) Soooo, Thursday...We had Lidia's dance class! And we took a cute little sis with us too...

On Friday we went to a place called Backyard Adventures during the day! It's a company that sells playground equipment, but during the week kids can go and play! It's awesome for the winter time! Lidia was content playing on swings and hanging with her momma the whole time while Carly? Well Carly was off chasing boys and sliding down the slides with them. Were in trouble with that one I tell ya!
Friday night we went ice skating with Carly....
While Lidia went to the rodeo! (With her cowgirl outfit on, of course!)
The rest of the weekend... Was spent dancing...
We let Uncle Eric color on a certain little girls' face...
(Only because his Bronco's lost in the playoffs that night!)
Lidia had a special pedicure date with mommy!
The girls were as cute as ever.
They learned a new game.
Called jail.
Ummm... don't you know jail is bad children?!
They got out of jail and turned into the coolest kids ever.
We snuggled.
.... And they became even better friends. If that was possible. They are so cute together.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys have been having a ton of fun!

Erin said...

They really are so cute together :) When you Instagrammed that pic of the marker-face I died.... and I died again seeing it on here. So funny, although I'm sure it wasn't super fun cleaning it off ;)

Annie said...

what a fun {and busy} week!! Your girls are so cute :)

Joeylee said...

How cute is she on that horse. I want to take Kaylee on a mommy daughter date to get our nails done.