January 02, 2013

Holiday Vacation {Part One}

Well since I've been on vacation since... hmmm let's see... December 19th? I obviously haven't posted in awhile, so I have some catching up to do! Since I only work three days a week, and we had a snow day, and the holidays were lined up during the week like they were... I was able to have 2 weeks off of work and only use 2 days of vacation! Awesome, huh?! Sooo I have about 2 weeks of catching up to do that includes our first snow day, Christmas of course, and plenty more. So
I'll break up our "holiday vacation" into a few post for ya! Oh, and? I lost (but finally found! yay!) my camera charger, so all pictures are from my phone... even Christmas pictures. I was so bummed but I was able to still document it and that's what counts right?

Anyway, here goes...
During our holiday vacation, we had our first fire in our fireplace of the season!
We also had our first snow day! Which obviously only Carly enjoyed, as Lidia stood in the window pouting the whole time :)
We counted down the days until Christmas by getting dressed up in Christmas outfits and last minute Christmas shopping!
(They are sooo fun to shop with, can't you tell?!) 

The day before Christmas Eve, we made tons of cookies at Lulu's house! And then we were crazy enough to brave the crowds at the mall with my family. It was pretty silly to try and go since all my shopping was done and the crowds were ridiculous, BUT we made the most of it and the girls played at the play place, played on some rides, and Lidia made a new best friend!
Christmas Eve! We started off Christmas Eve not doing much of anything! We spent the day around the house and then that evening we went to Christmas Eve Service at our church, where the girls were able to sport their cute matching Christmas dresses. The best part? They wore these dresses last year and they fit again this year! I just bought a matching headbands and tights and Voila!
After Christmas Eve service, we went to my parent's house, like we do every year. Our tradition for Christmas Eve is to eat dinner (soup and sandwiches!) open one present, (always an ornament for the tree!) and the girls open their Christmas jammies! This year the girls got matching jammies with their bitty babies! They were so cute.

One thing that changed this Christmas Eve was that we did not stay at my parent's house that evening and wake up with my family, which I've been doing since I don't even know when! This year Matt and I decided to start our own traditions and wake up as a family at our house. So after opening presents, checking on the computer for Santa's radar to see where he was at, and getting a "phone call" from Santa... we headed home to put the girls to bed. Before they went to bed we set out cookies for Santa, wrote him a letter, and the girls fell asleep together! (Which is a family tradition that the siblings sleep together on Christmas Eve!) Once they were asleep, we set out stockings, the gifts from Santa, and then headed to bed too!
To Be Continued.... :)


Joeylee said...

How cute are they with their dolls and matching jammies. Welcome back, I've missed seeing those sweet girls

Shawna said...

hahaha...the pic of her crying while her sister plays in the snow is too hilarious!

Love the matching pjs for all....glad you are back!! :-)