January 04, 2013

Holiday Vacation {Part Two}

Seeing the joy of the holidays through two little girls eyes is amazing. Which, in turn, made Christmas Day amazing. We never have any big plans. We never even have to get out of our pj's (which makes it even more amazing!) but it's just so fun, special, and relaxing. I loved Christmas Day so much this year! I honestly loved it more so then any other year, and it was all because of the girls!

So Christmas morning, I woke up, took a shower, heard a little knock on the bathroom door, (Carly) so I tried to avoid her going to the living room to see her presents. We then woke up Papa and Lidia and all headed to the living room to see what Santa brought! Just a little backstory... Lidia told EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE that she wanted a "Fantastic Gymnastics Dora" for Christmas. She saw it on a tv commercial and from then on she was determined to get it. And it was NOT EASY to find BUT low and behold, princess got what princess wanted! Oh, and don't think we don't love Carly as much, considering she only got a necklace from Santa... that's what she insisted on getting from him. Random but totally fine with us!

Here's a video of them walking out of their bedrooms Christmas morning....

So that morning, we opened presents at our house. Between Matt and I's parents, the girls have 4 grandparents presents to open, so yeah. They were quite spoiled. They had gifts from Santa, us, grandparents, and great-grandparents! So it took some time to open everything, and Carly got a little overwhelmed. She opened something and wanted to play with it right away and didn't understand that she was getting even MORE STUFF! But she was sooo grateful. After every present she opened, she was so excited and said "Thank you so much!" It was so cute to see! Lidia, on the other hand, was more about opening presents, then actually playing with them. She actually ended up opening all of mine too :)

After we had our own family Christmas, we headed over to Lulu and Grandpa's house to open more presents, EAT, relax, play games, and just spend the day together with my family! It was perfect and the girls were finally able to play with all their awesome new toys!
The rest of our holiday vacation is pretty much a blur. We cleaned, played with new toys, ate, spent time with friends and family, went swimming, played some more, and pretty much just hung out with each other for two weeks straight. It was fun, sometimes stressful, but mostly a really good end to 2012!
And by the end of it?
We were all very tired!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Joeylee said...

Both my girls were the opposite once they were done opening one and not even really looking at it before tossing it to the side to open more. Cute pictures. My girls got pretty spoiled too